Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Jillian Tidbits

Jillian has gotten REALLY vocal since Baby came to live with us. She just talks all the time and says things that I had no idea that she even knew. I know that every parent goes through this phase of thinking their child is a genius...so please don't think I am braggy! But, she really does seem so smart sometimes! She tries saying every word she hears us say and sometimes her versions of words are too funny. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Bi-cut-cycle (Bicycle)
2. Pot-cut-cycle (Popsicle)
3. Mushca Mouse (Mickey Mouse)
4. Herego Mama (Here you go Mama)
5. See Ya, Be Ya (See Ya, Wouldn't want to be ya...guess who taught her that one!)
6. NemoDory (This is all one word for Nemo)
7. Baby Dooles Mecine (Baby Jules Medicine)
8. Brokie (Broken)
9. Opie (Open...but funny because we call my Great Grandmother Opie!)

Anyways, these are all really funny to us! She has great timing and just keeps us laughing all the time. I was on the phone with Summer yesterday morning and Jillian was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When the show was over, I heard her say "See Ya, Be Ya Mushca Mouse!) Summer and I had a GREAT laugh at that one. I think Sum said now her girls are all saying "See Ya, Be Ya Mushca Mouse!!!"

Anyway....here are some funny pictures of Jilly being her crazy self.

Jillian is not allowed to have her passy out of the bed. She knows it and tries to push us, but we don't let her. Well, my mom always makes these AWESOME wreath/mum type things for the hospital doors whenever we have any babies in our family. It is precious...pink and has all sorts of fun things hanging on it: a cross, picture frame w/ Jillian's picture, Jules' name, teddy bear, passies...etc., etc. Well, I still have Jules' hanging on her bedroom door and Jillian has a new "game" she likes to play. Whenever I am changing Jules, she stands at the door and sucks on this fake passy! And I think she is serious about it! Here are some pictures of her in action.

Jillian sucking on fake passy

Here is the girl not even ashamed that she is 2 and has a passy in her mouth!!!

I know I have also mentioned Jillian's obsession with Nemo on here. Well, last week her cousins went to the beach in FL and they sent Jillian a postcard. The card had Nemo and Dory on it and Jillian carried it everywhere for two days. The funniest part to me though...she came to me and said, "Mama, Nemodory brokie." I figured out that she was trying to tell me the card was broken because it wouldn't open like normal cards. I thought this was pretty smart of her...she is used to regular cards and not post cards!!!

Here she is holding her brokie Nemodory postcard

She loves this card...we hear that Cousin Ansley picked it out...Good Job An!

Dancing with Nemodory

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Summer said...

I am LAUGHING at that crazy girl sucking the passy hanging on the door wreath. That is priceless!

The Browns said...

Hilarious!! I love the "See ya Be ya"!! You will be so glad that you documented all these little tidbits, I can barely remember Claire's "words"!

SDG said...

She is SO cute and seems like so much fun!!! I hope baby Jules is feeling better these days!

Carolyn said...

That picture of her sucking on the fake passy is so funny!! I love it and I love her hair down!!!

Mindy said...

so funny! tell Jilly that Aunty Mindy is on her way to brokie all the passys and cut the ends off of them. hahaha!

Mittig family said...

She does seem like such a big girl now that you have Jules! I love the one of her sucking the fake passy. Don't sweat the passy thing-we did the same with Will, bedtime only, and a little after he turned two he told me he was all done with his passy and threw it in the trash. He never asked for it again! Kids have a way of knowing when they're ready!