Tuesday, July 22, 2008

100 Things About Me

All my posts are usually about my girls, but this one is about me...and it has no pictures...so feel free to skip on over it! This is a post that I know NO ONE will read except Carolyn. She did a 100 things about me post about a month ago...and I have been working on mine ever since...for about 2 minutes at a time. So, here are 100 things about me. This will be boring to most...so just skip right on over this post!!!! This is for you CJS!

1. I was born in Louisiana

2. I have lived in Texas for the last 21 years...not including college...and plan to live here for the next 50+!!!

3. My maiden name was Brittney Nicole Allison...and all my life I got told how I have three first names. DUH, people!!!

4. I have attended three DIFFERENT universities...Christian Universities too! Harding, Abilene Christian, and David Lipscomb

5. I was FORCED to withdrawal from one of those...but I was set up

6. I still graduated with my 150 accounting hours in 4 1/2 years

7. My parents have 3 daughters and 5 granddaughters

8. I hate being pregnant...I never felt beautiful and special like everyone else

9. I LOVE having children though

10. I think I was made to be a mother...it is the best job I have ever had...and the hardest!

11. I really am married to my best friend...we were BF's for a while before we started dating

12. Seth and I were each others very first SERIOUS relationship

13. We started dating when we were 20

14. I tore my ACL and meniscus playing soccer my sophomore year in high school

15. Seth loves to joke that it was my career-ending injury

16. I have a very small tattoo of a flower on my lower back

17. I got this tattoo with my best friend Carolyn TOTALLY on a whim...had never even considered it before that night. Glad I didn't get anything stupid! 16 year olds can be SO dumb!

18. I hate checking voicemails...I rarely listen to the ones that I get

19. I have a HUGE fear of something happening to my kids because I do not think I could live without both of them. This causes me to have a hard time leaving them

20. I have always been pretty laid back and still am about everything EXCEPT when it comes to my girls

21. My family quotes movies ALL the time. We can actually just have a conversation of movies quotes. Some of our favorites are Christmas Vacation, Big Business and Drop Dead Gorgeous. My little sister is the best at it

22. My Mom, Sisters and I also have this weird language that we speak in when we are on the phone with eachother. I don't even realize I am doing it until I see Seth looking at me like I am nuts! He hates the language!

23. I love to go out to eat

24. Mine and Seth's favorite hobby is going out to eat and sitting on a patio for a long dinner

25. I have always wanted twin boys

26. I think Seinfeld is COMPLETELY overrated! My sis and brother-in-law can relate most situations to a Seinfeld episode and Seth and I can do it to Friends

27. Gone With the Wind is my very favorite movie

28. I have driven a 1997 Toyota Celica, a 1999 Ford Expedition, a 2003 Nissan Murano, and a 2007 Ford Expedition

29. One of my favorite things to do each day is dress my girls...from their bows to their shoes...I love every part of it!

30. My best friend Carolyn and I have the EXACT same handwriting. This came in VERY handy in high school

31. I am an organizational freak...my closet is color-coordinated and things tend to get alphabetized around my house

32. You will find nothing on my walls except pictures of my family

33. Jillian and Jules will be able to learn the evolution of the cell phone by looking at the 12 or so cell phones I have had that are now in their toy box

34. My little sister started out her life as my cousin...we were lucky to get her as a sister 8 months later

35. My favorite restaurant is Anamia's in Coppell...Seth and I could eat there almost everyday and not get sick of it

36. I LOVE 90210...probably my most favorite show of all time and I am NOT ONE BIT ashamed of that. I still watch reruns sometimes...these came in really handy when I was nursing

37. Valerie Malone is my favorite character

38. Jillian likes to dance to the opening song

39. I started going to Harding when I was only 17 years old

40. I do not drink coffee EXCEPT on vacation or when I am absolutely freezing cold

41. I have only lived by myself once...for my very last semester at Harding

42. When I have taken one of those right brain/left brain tests...I ALWAYS score exactly 0, which is right in the middle. I get my intellectual side from my dad and my creative side from my mom

43.I really HATE the word princess for little girls...it is so overused

44. I probably take at least 10 pictures a day...that would be 300 a month if that month was filled with no holidays of birthdays. The number dramatically increases in those cases

45. Seth and I used to consider moving to the islands one day....this was before our babies. Who knows if we will revisit that thought in the distant future

46. I shoplifted a cookbook for my mom when I was a toddler and in a stroller

47. I have traveled out of the country to Canada (for work), Mexico many times (for fun), Jamaica (honeymoon), and the Bahamas many times (for fun)...but NEVER to Europe

48. I have never been to Europe and I really don't care to go. I am a beach vacationer all the way!

49. I would rather eat cookies in dough form than the finished product

50. My favorite dessert is carrot cake

51. My favorite drink is a margarita from Anamia's...no one can top it!

52. I really do love to work out...not the actual process of it...but I love the results and I LOVE how I feel when I am done. I have had to work out for as long as I can remember

53. Having babies has changed everything about my body

54. One of my favorite things I have done is create my babies nurseries. It is worth having a 3rd baby so that I can decorate another room...Seth disagrees

55. I wish I could sew

56. I have 2 HUGE scrapbooks of Jillian's first year. I have nothing completed so far for Jules...but will sometime in the next couple years. I wish I would have thought about Baby #2 before I decided to scrap each day of Jillian's first year!!!

57. I am a BIG Cowboys fan

58. I have always loved football for as long as I remember. I might be the closest to a son my Dad had before Layton and Seth came along

59. One of my favorite meals is Thanksgiving...turkey, dressing, and everything else

60. I always loved the name Savannah...but now it is becoming too popular. I still love it though

61. If either of my girls were boys, we would have named them Dirk after my Dad

62. My favorite color is green

63. I want a pool in my backyard SO bad I can taste it!

64. Seth and I really want to be a part of the perfect church...but haven't found it yet

65. I start planning my girls birthdays LONG before it is time

66. I have had two dogs that I have loved with all my heart...Miller (RIP 12/19/06) and Tyson

67. Loosing Miller was so hard that I NEVER want another dog

68. I love to read

69. I read 12 book between Jan 08 and when Jules was born in April...and not one book since

70. I also read gossip magazine for fun...but think I have grown out of that stage

71. I am kind of over celebrity nonsense...especially Brangelina...the most overrated of all time

72. The first gift that Seth ever gave me was a stuffed Hog that played the fight song

73. I talk to my sister Summer on the phone at least twice a day...usually for an hour each time. I don't know what we talk about, but we always have something very important to discuss

74. I have never had anything pierced except my ears when I was like 6

75. I go to Sonic almost every day and get a Route 44 water with lemon and a large diet coke. I have to fill up the water twice to flush out that bad diet coke

76. I am SO ready to be back to my pre-pregnancy size

77. I really wish that I could have a little boy, but I doubt that wish will ever come true

78. I love watching the Food Network

79. It makes me want to learn how to really cook and be good at it

80. I would love to take a baking class

81. I hate humidity...it makes me feel like I can't breathe

82. I want my sister to start up a VBS at church...and I want to help her run it

83. I do not like bathroom humor...it is crude and gross

84. I have no desire to go camping...I am an A/C girl...don't take it from me

85. I get hot when I sleep...sometimes I sweat. Both of my babies do too

86. I used to be a big Britney Spears fan...I am still rooting for her

87. I hate to admit, but Jillian LOVES the Gimme More song...she loves to dance to that beat. I always bleep out the bad word in the beginning though!!!

88. Jillian also LOVES to dance to Madonna/Justin Timberlake 4 Minutes song...she gets so excited when it comes on the radio!

89. I am terrible with names. 9 times out of 10 I forget someones name as soon as I meet them. I work on it, but just can't seem to pay attention or something

90. My eyes are sometimes blue, sometimes green, and sometimes gray

91. I love getting spa pedicures

92. I can't wait to go on vacation with Seth in November...it has been about 18 months since we went on vacation alone and we usually go every year. That is what having a baby will do to you

93. I love my sweet Jules. She was not planned AT ALL and now I can't imagine my life without her!

94. She is the biggest sign to me that God has a much better plan than I do!

95. I love that I am so close with my mom and sisters...I couldn't pick a better set of best friends

96. I talk to them every day on the phone even though we see eachother almost everyday

97. I am from Dallas, but Seth now knows how to get anywhere in the city...way better than I
do. I guess being in sales and driving around will do that to you

98. I never let my girls leave the house without bows on...even if we are just in the car to go through a drive through

99. I love my family so much that I can't bear the thought of anything happening to any of them. It scares me to ever think that I will have to deal with that one day

100. I miss my grandmother and know that she would be so happy to see me and my sisters and all of our daughters. I would love to know her now that I am an adult.

OK, well that is all! PHEW, I am done...thank goodness. I am sure that no one actually finished that whole post, but if you did, I hope I didn't bore you too much!!!! Thanks Carolyn for the fun idea!!!

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annalee said...

LOVED reading your 100 things!
my favorites #s,
And when did you go to ACU?!

SDG said...

So now I know why Summer never has time to talk, you are monopolizing her time! :) I loved your post, it was great!

Carolyn said...

I too think Brangelina is way overrated, I can remember the career ending injury the school "withdrawl" (as you like to call it), the Celi and Ren...like they were yesterday!!! I will make you a carrot cake for your birthday this year and why don't you and I take sewing AND baking classes together!?! I need to do both for my list!
I LOVE the shout out list!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I actually got through it! It is amazing what you can get done with one hand near a computer while feeding you baby! That was fun to read!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

WE WERE SET UP!!!!!! I enjoyed all 100.

Alicia said...

Yes, still in Nashville...and yes! I love being a mommy!! ...no words to describe it.

I loved your hundred things...not boring at all. I also remember the day we said fairwell to the Celica.

Again, it's so great running into you! Looking forward to future updates!

Katie said...

I read all 100!!...and we have more similarities than I can name.

Mittig family said...

I loved your list! I did one last year sometime and it took me forever too! It's so fun that you and your sisters and mom are so close and that y'all's kids will grow up being that close too!

The Browns said...

That was awesome!! We have so much in common, my favorite is the camping and the bows!! Wish we could see yall more!!

Summer said...

Okay, Annalee set the bar high with letting you know her favorites. Great idea!
What a great list!!! I think I knew most of them except that you want me to start a VBS???
Also, green is my favorite color, too. We are SO much alike- shock!

Brittney said...

Annalee...loved your list of your favorites! So fun! I was at ACU for just one semester in the fall of 1999. I pleded DT. My parents moved to Nashville and so I transferred. I dont know why I didn't think to look you up at the time!

Shelly...I do monopolize summer sometime! sorry!!!

Carolyn...looking forward to the carrot cake! I would love to take baking class!!!

Elizabeth...I have a baby on my lap as we speak! How else would I get all my computering and everything else done!!!

Marty...we SO were set up! Jerk!!!! I can't even remember her name!

Alicia...yes you were with me when the Celli took her last breath! What a sad day!

Katie...I feel like we are alike a lot! I would love to know which ones that you are like me!

summer...I want to read your list...what month???? Do you remember?

rachel...I know you are a froo froo girl with claire...so the bows are a must@!

Sum...yes, you have to start VBS, who else would do it????

Carolyn said...

Oh and PS...You were gorgeous pregnant and you are gorgeous now! You know I have always thought that!!!

Sandi said...

I loved it!

Mindy said...

I actually read all 100 things as well! haha! I had forgotten you were asked to leave one of those schools! ha! You silly.

marcy said...

I loved the 100 THINGS LIST and it had nothing to do with being your mother! I suggest everyone make a 100 THINGS ABOUT ME LIST.
#10 I also love being a mother. It is the only "career" I ever considered.
#16 & 17 As far as the tatoo goes, can I say it(since I am your mother?) I TOLD YOU SO!!!!
#25 & 77 You don't have to rule out having a boy or twin boys. There is still plenty of time.
#31 You were always organized. You once alphabetized videos of a family you were babysitting for.
#46 I considered it getting me a gift when you took the cookbook. Perhaps you were sending me a message you didn't like my cooking?
#53 Oh, did I forget to tell you? Having babies changes everything about your body-FORVER!
#95 I always felt cheated about not getting a sister. But then God gave me you 3 girls for my best friends instead.
#100 I think about it all the time. I wish my mother could see what amazing women, mothers, and wives you girls have become. And then...if she saw the little girls it would be the icing on the cake.

annalee said...

too bad we didn't get reconnected at acu. i thought about pledging dt as well so we definitely would have then, but i was pledging siggies that semester.
someday our paths WILL cross again! and it will be crazy fun to see you and meet your beautiful girls!

The Brown Family said...

Fun! I enjoyed reading it!

Anonymous said...

BRITTNEY!! Katie Russell Cassady here! Your roomate while you were at ACU! :) Rebecca Boling (your other roomie) called me tonight and told me about your blog! Your family is so beautiful and you look as wonderful as always! I am so happy to see you doing so well. I recently found out I am pregnant so I am thinking a blog is in my future! :) Wow, I have often wondered how you were and where life took you... looks like God had big plans for us both! Great to see you!! -Katie ps. I will let you know when I have a blog up and running!

Dirk said...

What a great list! I am still learning alot about you after 27 years. My thoughts on your list:

#8 - You are beautiful at all times.
#10 - I agree - I was expecting an accountant.
#16 and 17 - Still don't understand this! And to think we trusted Carolyn!
#43 - They will always be my little princesses!
#50 - Enough said.
#58 - No offense but I am glad the son-in-laws are here!
#61 - What a great honor!
and finally
#99 - Families are forever!

I really enjoyed your list. Love you.


Allison said...

If I have a boy...SMALL CHANCE since I am in the "Girl Pool" too, I will do Dirk in your honor...DIRK ALLISON DALE??? That will mix you, me Summer and your dad all together?? I will also tattoo him with a flower on his lower back, give him hair bows and be sure he is an ALL STAR soccer athlete...Carolyn can train him in his handwriting, and eventually he will be the PASTOR of the perfect church...How does that sound??

lauren said...

I loved reading your list! I have to say, Seinfeld is not overrated though!! :) Also, I have mostly blue eyes, but sometimes green and sometimes grey, too!

Leeanne said...

Such a good list! I'm impressed, you are quite the multi tasker, blogging and raising 2 little princesses:)