Monday, July 28, 2008

Jules is 3 Months Old

Baby Jules turned 3 months old last week and I am just now getting her post up. We have had a REALLY busy Summer...and not in a good way...and so hopefully things are slowing down now! Oh yeah, back to Baby Jules...

Jules at 3 months is finally time to break out the big bowbands! Oh HAPPY day!

Jillian at 3 months old (for comparison)

At 3 months old, Jules is ALMOST sleeping through the night. She has had a couple of nights where she goes from 10 p.m. to around 7 a.m. She also has some nights where she wakes up to be fed around 4 a.m. MOSTLY though, she goes to bed at 10 p.m. or so and sleeps until around 4 a.m., where I offer her the passy...and this keeps her content until morning! So, we think she is doing a really good job. She is still sleeping in a bassinet in my room...I totally mean to move her, but I just don't want to yet!!! We moved Jillian to her room at 8 weeks and planned to do the same with Jules. Then she got sick, and I was watching her breathe at night...and now she is fine and I just don't want to move her! She may be my last baby and I want it to just go really slowly!!!! I think Seth and I agreed to give it a couple more weeks and then let her be on her hoo!

Baby Jules also rolled over on her own from front to back the week before she turned 3 months. I am NOT happy about this at all, because as far as I am concerned, I just want her to lay there and do nothing for at least 6 or so years. I mean, I DO NOT want my baby growing up so fast!!! She definitely hasn't asked me if she can roll over!!! I have since quit putting her on her tummy and now just leave her on her back! KIDDING people!

Jules is really THE smiliest baby I have ever seen. Sometimes she will be back in my room sleeping and I go to check on her, and she is awake and just smiling up at nothing! She is just so happy and we are blessed to have her sweet personality added to the mix in our house.

Here are some of the fun pictures of Jules over the last month...she really is growing so fast!

Here is Jules just hanging out with a couple of her closest friends

Here is Jules this past Sunday at lunch after church! She just passed right out after a little fussing. This is what happens to your child at lunch after church when your church decides to ONLY have a late service that starts at 10:30! Mom, Dad...Can I get an AMEN???

Here is Jules with her first toy that she has shown a MAJOR liking to. She loves to bat at these hanging toys and can even grab them already. She is usually having to share this spot with big sister...but LOVES her time alone here!

Here is Baby Jules just chillin'...waiting for our Friday night dinner out. She must think she is too cool for school in this picture!

Here she is passed out again! It is tiring to be this cute!!!

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Carolyn said...

I suddenly have this irresistable urge to bury my face in a double chin and obsessivly kiss a baby!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder WHY!?! Those bows drive me crazy (in good and bad ways you know this) her baby thighs are delicious and yes...I know the IS hard being so cute all the time!!!

Carolyn said...
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The Browns said...

She is so sweet and I CANNOT believe how fast she is growing!! Before you know it, she will be as big as Jillian and you will need a baby me, I was in your boat too!! Keep the adorable pics coming!!

Mindy said...

She has such a strong resemblance to Jilli at that age! Your babies really do look like baby dolls too! Its almost weird. And I love your big bows. You will always be the official FIRST big bow mommy in my book. Go B!

Mittig family said...

She is such a cutie. I'm still so impressed with your picture taking. You seem to capture every moment! Oh, did y'all find anything good shopping last week? I need to hit the boutiques out by Galleria but haven't had a chance lately!