Monday, July 21, 2008

Outfits Worth Posting About

My mom bought all five GRANDgirls matching outfits from Animal Crackers and they are TOO TOO cute! I definitely thought they were worth posting about! They debuted the outfits Friday night at our family dinner.

Jillian and Jules...just chillin

Jules and Jillian posing in the front yard...a daily occurrence

Emerson (21 months), Jillian (2), Ansley (6), Jules (3 months), Macy (4)

The ghetto picture outside of our Friday night restaurant on the ground...pretty good for 5 young girlies!!!

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Mindy said...

wow! good job on getting them all to sit in one place. I am very impressed! And yes that outfit is worth posting about. That vest is the cutest thing I have seen them in-and that is saying alot!

Katie said...

I love their matching outfits!! Too cute!

annalee said...

are they from animal crackers at southlake town center? my cousin worked there for forever!
wow, those are some adorable matching girls!

Allison said...

I can't get enough of MATCHING seeing all five of them MATCHING!

Carolyn said...


The Browns said...

Love those outfits!! Gotta love those grandparents!!!

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