Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jules is 2 Months Old

Not to totally be overshadowed by Big Sister...Jules turned 2 months old on Jillian's second birthday! It is truly amazing that the time with Jules is going so quickly! I feel like we were just pregnant and counting down the days until she made her grand appearance...and now here she is all big and 2 months old! Seth and I wish we could freeze time and have them both stay this age forever because they are so sweet and innocent and FUN! But, we must just watch them keep growing!

Jules is still a very good baby. She is definitely awake more and more and prefers to be held during this time. I have been working really hard to get her used to other places besides being in someone's arms! We rotate between the swing, papasan, her bed, and the pack and play! She is doing pretty good in these places, so I always reward her with a nice nap in my arms! She is sleeping pretty good at night too. I feed her for the last time around 10 each night, and she will sleep until about 4. She then eats and goes right back down until 7. I consider that pretty good. I know Jillian got up 2 times a night, at this is great for us!

Jules is smiling all the time now...especially right after she eats! She loves to stare at big sister...and Jillian really can keep her entertained for a few minutes! This comes in handy as I am trying to work out at home...and Jules always seems to want my attention during my work out. I can get Jillian to lean down and talk to her...and this buys me some extra time!

I have really enjoyed watching the girls interact with eachother..and I can only imagine all the fun we are going to have watching our two girls grow up together! Jules is such a blessing to us and she really makes our World complete around here!

Here are some pictures of Jules in the last couple of weeks...just being sweet Jules!

Jules at 2 months old

For comparison is Jillian at 2 months

Here I was trying to take Jillian's 2 year picture, and she insisted that Baby get in the picture with her.

Big Girl...Big Bow. My Dad thinks this looks like a 20's showercap! Look at that belly...she is really growing fast!!!

Jules passed out and sleeping with her arms above her head...just like Big Sister used to do

Her face right after I took the first picture. I know I would hate to be woken up by someone taking my picture!

One day she was napping on my bed, and I came in and found these little guys sticking out the bottom of her blanket. This is funny to me because My Dad and I both CANNOT stand to have our feet in the covers. We both sleep with our feet outside the matter how hot or cold it is! I have found Jules like this a couple of maybe she is carrying on our tradition!

Sweet girl holding Mommy's hand while sleeping


Again...take a look at that double chin...have you ever seen anything cuter? I am telling you, that is the softest skin that she has! LOVE IT! Also...she gets that bedhead from her Daddy too!

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Carolyn said...

I am in love with her double chin, you know's so soft...I felt myself "petting" it at the party last weekend!!! Fast forward 28 years and she wouldnt so much like that, me thinks. ;)
I love that picture of her feet it makes my heart melt! I love me some Jules!!!

The Browns said...

She is soooo sweet!! Isn't it crazy to see both your kids...and they don't look much alike!? I love the shot of her feet!! She is a doll, just like her big sis!!

Amanda's News said...

Your girls are just precious! I love all that blonde hair:)

The Browns said...

Hey! Me again - Have Seth call Shane, but we should be available Wednesday evening, maybe even that afternoon. Looking forward to it!!

Mittig family said...

That picture of her feet poking out of the covers is so sweet! It takes me back a year to read your blog--I'm not sure if I realized before that your girls are not only the exact age difference of mine, but the same ages mine were. I remember doing Maggie's 2 month checkup the same day I did Will's 2 year. You have such good times ahead!!!

Mindy said...

man its weird the comparison at 2 months of Jules and Jilli! They look so much alike!

aWare said...

Looking at those sweet pictures almost made me tear up....cheesey I know but, boy she is sweet...she is giving me the fever! What a precious the 20s shower caps....i love how dads have their own take on things!