Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jillian's Birthday


I promise this is the last of the birthday posts. On Jillian's actual birthday, we had a very low-key family day. The Patterson's and Grandmama got up and left around lunch time and so our little family went to brunch at Mimi's (The restaurant...not OUR Mimi's house). Jillian ordered chocolate chip pancakes and fruit for her yummy birthday lunch! After Mimi's, we went home and swam in our backyard with the waterslide leftover from J's party on Saturday. Then as a close to the big weekend festivities...we went and got Jillian her very first snowcone. She loved it, of course!

For Jillian's present, Seth and I got her a new tricycle. For months, Jillian has been talking about bicycles...and she says it in the cutest way. It comes out Bi-Cutcycle and the "cutcycle" part is really fast! I hope that illustrates that good enough. Anyways, Jilly talks about them all the time...whenever we see a bike or motorcycle or anything like it on TV, in books, on the street. So, I knew this would be the perfect gift for her. I ordered the MOST adorable tricycle online here. It is retro and pink...and just the coolest one I had ever seen. I couldn't wait to give it to her on her birthday. (Jules gave Jillian a helmet and horn to go with the bi-cutcyle...although we are all really regretting the horn at this point.) So, the morning of her actual birthday we gave her the bi-cutcycle and she FREAKED OUT! It was such a huge hit and you can see below how excited she was to have one of her very own!

Mama bringing in the bi-cutcycle

Jillian hopping on for her first ride

This is one HAPPY girl!

She is so proud to finally own her very own bi-cutcycle

With her girly helmet

Taking it outside for the first ride!!!

Jillian's first snowcone...obviously it had been a busy and rough weekend! Jillian looks a bit ragged in this picture!

So goooooood!

Wild Hair!!!

Jillian...we are so lucky to have you as our little girl and we are so proud of the little girl that you have become! You are so fun, spunky, smart, energetic, sweet and well-mannered...and we feel blessed that we were chosen to be your parents! We can't wait to watch you and Baby grow...but stop doing it so fast!!!!

WE love you...Mama and Daddy

06.22.07 Jillian on her first birthday! What a difference a year makes!

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Summer said...

I love her excitement in the bike pictures. I can't wait for her to ride it over here!
By the way, I did a double take of that picture on her first birthday. I HONESTLY thought for a moment that it was your baby picture!!!

The Browns said...

I love that bike!! I love that she got an ENTIRE birthday weekend!! What every lady deserves...

Carolyn said...

Oh man I loved this post! She is so stinkin' cute and so excited about her bike! So adorable...she is looking more and more like you every time i see her.
I love that!
Happy Birthday Jilly!!!