Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day 2008

We had a really fun Father's Day this year...well, I guess I am speaking for Seth in saying that he had a great day! If he disagrees, then he can just leave a comment like everyone else! Jillian and Jules are blessed to have such a great daddy to take care of them! Seth really is such a natural at being a Dad...especially a Daddy to girls!!! I am sure he probably thought he wanted a boy...but now he is in love with these little ladies!!! Seth is very hands on with our girls and just does whatever is needed to get everyone fed, changed, and happy!

Jillian and Seth really have a special bond because they have so much fun together! Seth will do whatever it takes to get a smile on that girl's face...from turning all of her milk into chocolate milk, sneaking candy behind mommy's back, playing for HOURS in the pool, watching Barney for the 5th time, etc., etc.! These two are the best of friends!
Jules and Seth really have a great connection because, well...they look just alike! I still really do most of the actual work with Jules like the feeding, getting to sleep, etc...but Seth makes it all happen! When it comes to the baby, Seth is constantly doing...he washes bottles, brings us bottles, gets the pump and equipment ready, rinses stains...he gets us EVERYTHING we need!

Jilly and Jules just want to make sure that their Daddy knows how much they love him and that he really is the best Daddy in the world!

Here are some pictures from our day...

The girls got Seth a huge tin filled with all grilling equipment: Bobby Flay grill cookbook, Grilling dictionary, meat thermometer, grill pan, water bottle, grill cleaner, grill mit, grill lighter...and of course, the very necessary Razorback apron!!! Seth is really into grilling out these the girls thought this would be the perfect gift.

Jillian helped me make scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits for Daddy's special breakfast

Two peas in a pod!

Jilly helping Daddy open his cards

Tyson giving Daddy some Father's Day love too!

Here is Jillian trying on Daddy's apron and grill mit

Here is what Baby Jules did while the opening of the gifts was going on!

Seth and his two girls before church. They wore their "Daddy" tattoo t-shirts to show their support.

After church, my whole family came over to celebrate Fathers Day. We had a big crew...Us, The Dales, Aunt Kourtney, my Parents, and Uncle Caleb! We had a great time!

Seth grilling with his new stuff
Handing out the yummy grilled shrimp. Uncle Layton enjoying the food in the background!

Jilly swimming in the was so hot though, that we had to take our party inside...

Picnic of girls...Ansley, Macy, Jillian, and Emerson having a picnic on the floor!

I also just want to say a quick little thing about my Dad and the girls Papaw! We are so blessed to have him! He is such a great and supportive Dad to me and Seth. We know that he is there for us always and we feel so lucky to have him be our Dad!!! He has a HUGE fan club and we know that he LOVES having 1 wife, 3 daughters, and 5 granddaughters...9 women that love him! We all think he is the best!!!! Happy Father's Day DAD!!!!!

Here is Papaw opening his card and gift from us

Kisses from Papaw

He loved his new picture of the girls. ( I have found that shopping for Mother's and Father's day is much easier now they we have kids! They always want updated pictures!!!)

We are also VERY lucky to have Seth's Dad and Jillian and Jules' B-Pa! (Jillian gave Buddy his name of B-Pa and I think it is his proudest title that he holds!!!) He is such a great Dad to us both...and Jillian just seems to think that he hung the moon! After she got to spend the week with him during Jules' birth, she could not quit chanting his name around our house! She loves her B-Pa!!!!! Buddy/B-Pa is such a loving and sweet man and we enjoy EVERY second that we get to see him...which isn't nearly enough!!! We are all very excited to see B-Pa and CC this coming weekend!

This is my favorite Buddy picture of all time! Buddy and Seth carrying our two lazy dogs, Miller and Tyson up from the lake! I guess riding on a boat all day can really take it out of a Pug!!!!

Here is one last picture before bedtime! Seth had to leave us for a few days and these girls are really missing him...especially Mama!!!

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The Browns said...

Cute post!! It thrills me so much to see Seth with 2 sweet girls, he is going to be so whipped!! We are leaving for Gulf Shores on the 5th, so we will have to get together before then to see yall when you come down!!

Carolyn said...

Oh i LOVE that last picture of Seth and his girls...I really wish you were in it though! He really is such a great dad, you have some seriously awesome men in your life B!!!
And you know Dirk is my favorite...sorry Seth, but Dirk used to do my laundry in High School. ;)

Summer said...

I love the picture of Seth kissing Jillian's cheek. That is such a sweet picture of the two of them.
We had fun on Sunday. You are always a great hostess!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun Father's day! That's great that Seth loves grilling that much- I wish I could get "someone" around here interested!