Monday, June 2, 2008

Jules and Jillian Playing Together

Jules got a new floor toy as a baby gift, so I put it all together the other day so that she could start laying on it and having some tummy time. Well, guess who REALLY enjoyed the new toy! Jillian discovered her inner-baby and had the best time just laying on the ground batting at baby toys! Here are my two girls playing together. Well, Jillian is playing...I think Jules is praying not to be trampled on!!!

Jillian having a ball

Little sister looking at me BEGGING me to pick her back up.

Silly Girls

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Carolyn said...

It's scary to see how grown up Jillian looks in these pictures!! I miss my girls!

Mittig family said...

What cute pictures! Isn't it so fun to see them interacting? I bet you follow them with a camera all day!

And I love your new blog!

marcy said...

LOOSE THE PASSY/wee wee so we can see her beautiful face! They are both JEWELS and so adorable (unbiasly speaking)
I love you all - MIMI (aka) Mommie Dearest

The Browns said...

Such cuties! We had the same toy for Owen, unfortunately he found it the other day and somehow broke it...surprised, huh!! They are so sweet together, take as many pictures as you can!! One day they won't let you...Rach

Dirk said...

The girls are beautiful as always!