Monday, June 23, 2008

The Pre-Party


On Friday night...the night before the big bash...Seth and I decided to drag our entire family out to Chuck E. Cheese for a little Birthday Pre-Party! We had both sides of the family in town and wanted to be with both, and so we figured this would be a good way to do so. (Family Members Preset: US, Mimi & Papaw, B-Pa & CC, Grandmama, Great Memaw & Great Papaw, Aunt Summer, Ansley, Macy, Emerson, Aunt K, and Uncle Caleb) So, we all met out and watched the four big girls (and a couple of BIG boys) play some game. We had a lot of fun besides the fact that we would much rather be drinking margaritas at Anamia's on Friday night as opposed to eating sub-par pizza at Chuck E. Cheese. BUT...that is not the point! Jillian had a great time playing games with her cousins and everyone else. Jules slept and got held as usual...she is definitely living the good life!

Jillian was very overwhelmed at first...with all the attention and all the craziness that is Chuck E. you will rarely see a smile in these pictures! She was taking it all in.

Chuck and Jillian

Bob the Builder and Jillian

Stuart Little and Jillian

This picture is CLASSIC Jillian and Macy! Jillian wakes up every morning and nap and the first word out of her mouth is Macy. She wants to go see her and play ALL THE TIME! But, as soon as they get together, they are fighting like sisters...the whole time! Then as soon as they leave eachother, they are all kisses and hugs again. It is so funny to watch! So, you can see that Jillian is riding and Macy is just trying to lend support and Jillian will have none of it! I love watching these girls...they keep us laughing!

Daddy helping Jillian earn some tickets

Ansley and Macy riding the horse

Jules just doing her thing...

Jillian and Mommy...just to prove that I actually take part in all activities, even if I am usually behind the camera

CC, Jillian, Emerson, and Mimi eating Pizza

Jillian at the end of the night with all her winnings

Aunt K gave J an early birthday gift...tons of cute new clothes and shoes!

And here is Jules getting loved on by some great grandparents!

Great Grandmother (Seth's Dad's Mom)...Jillian has decided that after all these years, Grandmother shall now be called Grandmama

Great Memaw (My Dad's Mom)

Great Papaw (My Dad's Dad)

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