Friday, March 20, 2009

We HEART Spring!

We have been really enjoying the spring weather this week. Our little family loves to be outside in the sun as much as possible...and we got to enjoy our Texas spring every single afternoon this week with the temperature in the upper 70s or lower 80s!!!! My personal favorite part is breaking out the girls' spring wardrobes! Jillian...being the lucky first born...already has a brand new wardrobe for the warm months. In Texas...we get it warm from March until we need LOTS of fun Summer clothes. Jules' "new" wardrobe consists of all Jillian hand-me-downs...and a little bit of Dale Girls hand-me-downs just to keep it interesting! She doesn't mind though, because we have some REALLY fun and great clothes from that time! Also...Mimi always seems to buy Baby Jules some new outfits every now and the girl has more clothes than she knows what to do with! I love getting into Jillian's old clothes that are now for Jules because I have special memories for each piece it seems. But...that could be another post altogether! Here are some pictures of us girls hanging out outside enjoying some fresh air

My adorable little one giving me a big grin! It is so rare that I can get her to smile for me. I must have bribed her with gum or something.

Jillian on her tricycle. Please ignore the messy garage. I am refinishing some furniture...and is just in MAJOR need of a clean out!

Baby Jules crawling on the grass. She was NOT loving that feeling!

Little girl wants to be picked up...again! Sigh.

Isn't she cute? I'm sorry...but I am the mom and I think she is adorable!
That face is too much for us!

Does anyone else sense some major attitude on this one? HA! Jules LOVES
this car...she will be totally content to walk around it or sit in the seat for a good
30 minutes or so! This allows mommy to soak up some rays for a good bit...thank goodness!

Silly Jilly
And Since my girl is doing some MAJOR teething these days, I thought a Popsicle
would be a nice treat. So here is Jules with her very first Popsicle...
Yum...this is good!

She is really going for it now...

She can't quite figure out which end to eat! HA!

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Carolyn said...

I love that you are so excited about their spring wardrobe, because that is like the first thing I think about when it starts getting warm out. Those 2 are the best dressed toddlers out there!

Jules is adorable these days, I can wait to celebrate soon with you guys!

and ps: If you have a Central Market up your way I will definitely do the baking class up there with you. I have a GC that I would like to use towards it. Lemme know sista!

Rachel said...

Those are some adorable pictures!! I love Spring too!! We don't have it as nice as yall, but it has been nice off and on lately - even on the cold days, Claire won't remove the sandals as she thinks it is Summer =).

Great pics - they are so sweet and getting so big - I love Jules' attitude =)!

Lane said...

You're so lucky you get the constant awesome's so wishy-washy here it'll drive you crazy! I'm so ready for it to b nice and stay nice!

Those pictures are too cute of the girl!

Marcy said...

You didn't comment on the most important part of these pictures - JULES THIGHS! That is my favorite part of a baby and hers definitely need pinching!