Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Week of Ice in Dallas

 So, it isn't news to anyone at this point that our city was totally paralyzed by snow and ice all of last week.  In fact, as long as Seth and I have lived in Dallas together, he has NEVER missed work for the weather.  And yet, he was home for 3 days last week!  What a treat!  We didn't even get cabin fever since we were together as a family and eating, playing in the snow, playing Super Mario Wii, watching movies...etc.  It was a great time! I am sorry for the rest of you, but I think God sent the ice/snow just for me since I am nine months pregnant and really needed a week to do nothing but hang out with my family!  

Below are some pictures of Seth and the girls sledding on Friday after we got about 6 inches of snow over night.  It was more snow than I can ever remember being in Dallas!  What is really funny is that CC gave us this blow up sled and I thought we would NEVER get a chance to use it!  It has been in our attic this whole time...and wouldn't you know we got to REALLY use it! We were the most popular house on the street since everyone else was using trash can lids and cookie sheets!  Ha Ha!  Here is my cute family enjoying the winter wonderland!

 Our House

 Looking down the street

 Seth pulling the girls down the side walk.  Tyson was not far behind.  I have never seen that dog have so much fun.  He was running around and having a blast in the snow!

 Ready to sled

 What a good dad...pulling the girls up the hill over and over again!

 This is a priceless shot of Jillian's face.  You can just see how much fun she is having!  She is even steering the sled and doing great!

 Cute Jillian

Cute Jules

 Sort of Cute Tyson

 The girls on their way down the hill

 Jules eating snow

 Seth can't hide the kid inside.  He was sledding too!

 My snow bunnies

You can tell we are at the end of our sledding time.  The girls are looking ready to call it quits!
 Jules, our daredevil, sledding backwards



And THIS is why I would never EVER live in the North.  I cannot handle this amount of laundry from one outing outside.  Give me bathing suits and flip flops ANYDAY! 


Anonymous said...

i absolutely loved the pictures thanks for sharing u have a beautiful family

Britney K said...

So cute! I'm with you on the bathing suits and flip flops!!

The Mom said...

Jillian's face was precious! She was having a great time. Your house is beautiful. I am with you on living in the north. My girls were outside for a short time and the laundry was massive. We hope you are feeling well. We can't wait to see pictures of Paisley.
PS: Love her room!