Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paisley's Room

 Well, the baby has a room!  Just in time too...since she will be here by this time in JUST TWO MORE DAYS!!!!  My Mom oringinally made my bedding for Jillian and I just have LOVED it so so so much!  There was no reason for me not to use it again...and I LOVE that each girl has shared the same bedding.  Mimi has has to re-stuff if for each baby though, so I am sure she is glad that this will be the last baby for us!  She just finished re-stuffing and mending and the bedding has made the room PERFECT!  Another fabulous addition to her room is the wall hanging that my mom did as well (with some help from Papaw!).  I paid A LOT of money to some random lady for the other two girls to get wall hangings with their names on it.  Little did I know that Mimi had such a talent!  The wall hanging is better than I ever could have expected and I know that the baby will be so honored by this gift when she is older!  Like I have said before...I am so lucky to have my Mom and Dad, who have constantly helped me throughout this pregnancy with everything from childcare to wall hangings!  Anyway, here are the pictures of our baby's new room!  I can't wait to put a baby in there! 

 The Paisley Wall

 The Crib and Sign

 I LOVE this sign!  

 The Rocking Chair and Window

 The Changing Table
(the hanger is for her Coming-Home dress)

 The Changing Table

The Room

The Closet
(this shelf still needs things in it...but we will get there)


The Hoerman's said...

Ummm amazing!!!!! Love it!!

Jessica said...

Her room is beautiful! I will be praying for a smooth delivery for you! I know you are so excited to have her here!

Brandi said...

How stinkin' cute!!! Great job!!! Good luck on Thursday!!!!

Amy Mc. said...

Super cute! Love every single detail. Good luck Thursday!

Gigi Ewbank said...

It looks Fabulous. I'm not a bit amazed at how wonderful and ORGANIZED it looks. Only 2 more days...I can't wait to meet little Paisley.

Marty Rhea Hill said...


Anonymous said...

I knew the room would be beyond adorable! Marcy is so gifted and so are all you offspring! :)
Congratulations on Paisley, Brittney! Praise God for another healthy babydoll!!
Cathy Graham :)

Samantha said...

Her room is so adorable & I LOVE her name!