Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas This and That

We have been very busy getting ready for Christmas this past week...and we have been doing all of the fun little traditions that every good American family should be doing. We started out Saturday by making a gingerbread house...and then went to see Santa Clause!!!! It was about as much Christmas goodness that my girls could take in one day! :) They actually BOTH did amazing with Santa...which completely shocked me. Jillian went first, and wouldn't touch or really go near the Jolly Ole Man, but she did stand close enough to tell him her list of wants this Christmas. Jules went next and just allowed us to sit her in his lap for a quick picture...but the girl didn't even shed one tear! Awwww...my girls are growing up right before my very eyes. Now, all we talk about around here is Santa...so I hope he doesn't disappoint! Here are some pictures of all our fun...

Me and the girls working hard on our house

Jules really just eating candy and not helping at all...but still looking oh so cute in her first set of piggy tails!

Jules thought this was her dinner...not decorations for our house.

My big girl working really hard to make her house look pretty.

That is one cute and chubby 20 month old hand!

A face only a mother could love...

FYI...Seth was in charge of pictures which is why this is the best one of Jillian! This is why I am usually behind the camera! (Kidding Seth...sort of)

The girls all bundled up waiting to see SANTA!!!!!

Jillian telling Santa everything she wants...this took a while.

She would NOT get any closer than this. Santa, being such a good sport, leaned in on the count of 3 so that they could be seen in the same picture!

Jules FIRST time to see Santa...and what a brave girl she was. Both girls were sick the entire month of December last year, and we never got out to see Santa.

The Patterson Girls and Santa Clause!!!

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