Friday, December 18, 2009

My Little Fashionista

To say that Jillian is into dress up, would be a HUGE understatement. The girl is always trying on new things, putting things together, noticing everyone else's clothes and shoes, and of course there are always accessories! She has HUGE opinions about EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. of clothing that I choose for her to wear each day...and we end up fighting it through most morning when I am trying to get her dressed. We have made a rule that momma gets to pick out the clothes for going out, and she can dress herself in whatever she wants at home. And now, let me share with you just a few of her at-home outfits that she has chosen!
Please enjoy...

random long-sleeve t-shirt, bathing suit bottoms, and pink dress-up high heels

Christmas bow, blue headband, pink dress (size 2T from last winter), pastel-printed socks, pewter shoes

black headband, red High School Musical Dress (from the Dale's collection), pink butterfly wings, and white Easter shoes (also a-la-Dale)

pink princess nightgown, grandma-looking white sweater, house shoes

pink headband, Hello Kitty t-shirt, red and black plaid skirt, pink knee-socks, and pewter shoes

random hat, Sleeping Beauty dress-up dress, pink winter scarf, and pink flip-flops from last summer

teal bikini, white socks with red fringe pulled up like knee socks, and red sparkly shoes

pink bow headband, red bow headband, pink cheerleader dress-up, random printed scarf, and my tall black boots

pink bow, princess nightgown, and tap shoes

pink pigtail bows, pink cheerleader dress-up underneath Aerial dress-up dress, and red sparkly shoes

And those are just a few of the wonderful outfits that I see around here everyday. Who knows...maybe Jillian has a future on Project Runway or something!!!!!

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writing4612 said...

LOL, she is too cute! Nothing like the freedom of expression and creativity!

annalee said...

wow, she is so trendy:)

Shelley said...

The future Carrie Bradshaw! :) By the way... is it bad that Olivia at 5 years old would still pick out outfits like that?

Allison said...

she reminds me so much of my georgie...let's hope they don't go off to college together. You are so good to have photos of all the outfits! way to go mom! how is school going are you still teaching two days a week?

marcy said...

Love them all, but my personal favorite has to be the 2 piece swimsuit with the the red trimmed socks pulled up to her knees.
This is how Kourtney got her start. Do you remember me telling you: once she was riding her bike in the front yard wearing a purple "official bedtime snacker" nightgown with a grey/pink poodle skirt, and black patent leather shoes. I let it go and attributed it to her being the 3rd child! (wish I had taken a picture)