Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Program and Parties

Last Thursday at school, we had a VERY big day. Jillian participated in her very first Christmas Program at Butterfly School. She has been singing the songs around the house, so we were very excited to see her in action. Of course, being a teacher in the school does have its perks....I already had seen the kids performing and watch my girl do her thing all week long! AND...since my sister/Aunt Summer is the Chapel teacher at the school...well Jillian just happened to be front and center during her performance! :) The kids did great and it always puts a big lump in my throat to watch my nieces and now my own girls perform. I am just always so proud at how they are just their own little people now!

After the program, it was party time. Jules didn't get to participate in the program since she is just a wee little one, but she did get to party...and my girl Jules sure knows how to party!

Here are pictures of our fun party day at Butterfly School!

A Star is Born!!! Ha Ha...Jillian right before showtime!

Where's Waldo...can you spot my girl?

Look at her go...she was really into Jingle Bells!

little kids singing together is just priceless


Playing the bells should see 44 3-year-olds trying to NOT play the bells while they are being passed is IMPOSSIBLE

Jules' party time. Don't be fooled by that face...she had just devoured an entire cupcake in one bite. She is the youngest baby in the class...and both her teachers were impressed by her timing because she was faster than EVERYONE a lot!

See those is like nothing behind them at this point. I definitely couldn't let her drive home that day...she was totally intoxicated on icing.

Jules and Ms. Carrie

Jules and Ms. Larissa

Jillian and Ms. Cheryl

Jillian loves her sweets too...she just eats in a little more socially-accepted way.

Jillian and her good friend Ella

all the kids opening up their goody-bags

Happy girl! Nothing pleases Jillian more than a bag full of "stuff" to carry around the house all day!

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Mindy said...

Oh my! I can not believe she is already doing performances at school! That is crazy, but she sure looks cute. I bet you have some fabulous video. You need to post it so I can see some. :)She totally deserved to be front and center just based on her outfit alone!