Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Patterson Christmas

Here are pictures from our fun and snow-filled week at the Patterson's for Christmas! The girls had a great time seeing lots of family and playing in lots of snow! Both girls did great on the trip and I was so proud of them. Jules DID NOT meet a stranger...she was so friendly to everyone...sitting in laps and being held. Jillian was so mature and old...sharing toys and talking to everyone. I just noticed a big change in both girls and how they acted...and I couldn't have been happier. It sure makes for a fun trip when the girls are also having a great time!
B-Pa and CC giving the girls their MANY gifts! CC was so excited to give everything to the girls. She must have spent lots of time shopping for these two!

My girls in heaven...they were the center of attention for EVERYONE and they were opening Christmas presents. It doesn't get any better than this!

B-pa loving on Jules and helping her open her presents

The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE their Uncle Caleb! Isn't he the best??? I am sure he really enjoyed walking through Toys R Us to buy this Barbie for this little girl! She was thrilled since Barbies seem to be her new obsession.

The Little Marshmallow Girl...all bundled up for the snow.

See how cold it was in NWA??? Those are icicles behind them...which Jules enjoyed licking like a Popsicle.

B-Pa pulling the girls on the sled

These Texas girls are really confused about all this snow! I hope they don't get used to it!

Although she doesn't look happy here, she sure loved sledding! She belted out this HUGE belly laugh the whole way down the was priceless.

B-Pa and Jules

CC and Jillian
CC got new kayak for Christmas, but I couldn't convince her to get in it for a picture!

Our family

B-Pa and CC with the girls

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