Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.....

When each GRANDgirl is a baby, Mimi buys them a pink Christmas tree and starts a tradition with them to decorate that tree every year. I hear she even has a white tree in stock just in case the Allison side of the family EVER gets a boy! Well, a couple weeks ago, Mimi came over and worked with each girl to perfect their pink tree in their rooms Here are the girls working hard to make their tree just right!
Jules was really enjoying this tree-decorating thing

She likes it!!!

After about 4 minutes, her attention span had ended and she was ready
to move on to the next thing!!!

Mimi and Jules

Jules' tree

Jilly's an old pro at this tree decorating thing now!

Yep...Jillian must be in full-on Princess dress-up while decorating her tree!

the tree topper

Mimi and Jillian after all of their hard work

Jillian's Tree

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Mindy said...

I LOVE your girls and your pink trees! They are adorable and not to mention your mom looks fabulous! :) Thanks for the X-mas Card, the pic is awesome! I knew you would have the girls in matching outfits, I would have bet good money on it! Yours will be in the mail soon!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

I love y'all's tradition.

1. Your mother is gorgeous!!! I'd like to know what moisturizer she is using. Amazing skin!!!

2. Jillian looks like Nora with her princess dress on. Absolutely love it!!!

On a side note: Mom and I were bringing Christmas stuff down from the attic a few days ago and I had an old box of memories. So funny because I found old pics of you and me and the twins our freshman year. They ALL made me laugh. I also came across Summer and Layton's wedding invitation. It was beautiful! I loved going through the memories.

Merry Christmas!!!

Portable Buidlings said...

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