Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Cookie Madness

Every year I like to have the Dale girls over to make Christmas cookies. It is more and more fun now that they are all old enough to participate...even Jules! Here are some pictures from our cookie making party!

The table

Each girls place setting


Jules....who iced NO cookies, but ate all the icing instead

yes Summer and I FORCED the girls to wear bibs...even poor 8 year old Ansley



Hard at work

Best Buddies!

Jules starting to go into her sugar coma. You can see her eyes starting to black out.

Jules LOVES Summer. Well after she ate a ton of icing, she just leaned on Summer and sat there for a long time....not moving at all.

Jillian didn't give up though...she licked that plate clean!

The finished product! Santa REALLY enjoyed eating a few of these delicious cookies!

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Vanessa said...

What a great idea. I bet the girls just had a blast. Poor Jules, I wonder when she'll figure out that too much sugar makes her feel yucky. I miss you Brit and want to see you and Carolyn really soon. V