Friday, January 28, 2011

Jillian...The Poodle

 Last weekend, Jillian went to a poodle birthday party at her friend Madison's house.  Jillian was MOST excited because this was her first drop off party.  That meant, I didn't stay...and Jillian felt really cool about that.  She was also very excited because the theme of the party was poodles.  The girls were to dress in pink and bring a stuffed dog to the party.  Well, Jillian just happened to get a poodle shirt and purse from Mimi and Papaw for she was all set!  When I picked her up, she was all dressed up like a poodle herself.  Jillian had the greatest time at the party and I thought it was such a cute theme! 

 Jillian, the poodle.  She has a poodle face and ears

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