Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

 Okay, so this title is ridiculous now that it is about February!  But, I have been so busy with every moment getting the baby's room ready, Jillian's new room together, Jillian moved to new bed, Jules moved to a big girl bed, potty training Jules, teaching pre-school etc., etc., etc...that I have just not made my blogging a priority.  I have to get caught up though since the baby will be here in less than 4 weeks! 

So...not that anyone really cares, but here are the girls on new years.  Seth and I set up a table and chairs in the living room, and we served them like they were in a restaurant.  They had a blast and we think we will do this for every holiday!  They felt so old and cool! 

 Jillian and Jules TOASTING to 2011

 dining on a fine meal of mini corn dogs and veggies and dip

 brownie sundaes for dessert


watching all the new years eve festivities

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Sue said...

I just love your little family! You and Seth are such great parents to those sweet sweet girls!