Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paisley is 4 Months Old

And then some!  This post is a little late since Paisley was actually 4 months old on June 24th, but the end of June was really really busy.  The picture is from the actual day and happens to be from my phone until I can figure out why my old camera wont load pics to my computer!

  • So Paisley is now 4 months old and she is just a little doll!  I am really in love with this sweet sweet baby.  She is really very happy and smiles all the time.  She just loves for anyone to look at her and talk to her, and then she will give a huge smile that lights up her whole face!  She has our whole little family just falling all over her! 
  • She is MOSTLY sleeping through the night again.  I occasionally have to go give her the paci, but then she goes right back to sleep.  
  • P still has really bad reflux, but it doesn't seem to bother her.  She seems to spit up almost her entire bottle after each feeding, but she is gaining weight and is happy, so we haven't done too much about it yet.  My big girl is now 12 pounds and the doc said she was in the 25th percentile.  That is a pretty good increase since she would hardly gain anything in the beginning!  
  • Paisley's hair is still falling out hair by hair.  I don't think she is going bald, and it certainly is looking lighter and lighter! 
  • And finally, Paisley did roll over this past Saturday from tummy to back!  I think she is a little late with her rolling, and that is fine by me.  If that is a sign that she will be late to crawl and walk, then I am OKAY with that! 

Paisley at 4 months


Jillian at 4 months

Jules at 4 months

It is so funny to me that I automatically think that Paisley looks just like Jillian as a baby!  Everytime I do these comparison pictures, I think P looks JUST like Jules!  Who will she look like as she gets older?????

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The Mom said...

I think she looks like Jules, too! She is beautiful!