Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maverick Sleeps Over

My sister Summer and her family just recently adopted the MOST precious puppy in the world.  He is a 2 pound Maltese named Maverick (after your 2011 NBA champs), and he is just the most adorable plaything ever!  I NEVER in a million years thought the Dale family would hop on board with a pet, but I am so glad that they did!  I finally have a nephew! I thought I would never get one!  :)

Anyway, a couple of weekends ago, the Dales had to go out of town, so we puppy sat! Tyson finally got to have a sleepover of his own!  Tyson and Maverick were hilarious together.  They ran around playing so hard at first together.  Then Tyson, the ole man tired out pretty quickly, and Maverick just never gave up!  We really enjoyed watching these two interact all weekend long.  

You might be wondering if being around this little pup makes me want one! Well, the answer is no.  It is the same way Summer feels about Paisley.  She adores Paisley and thinks she is the best baby in the world.  But, Summer doesn't want a baby.  That is how I feel.  I loved Mav, but I do not want a puppy!  I think having a puppy and a baby at the same time would be impossible.  I spent the whole time making sure Tyson stayed off of Mav, and Mav stayed off of Paisley!  It was crazy around here!  We sure did enjoy our couple of days with that cutie and we love it when he comes back to visit!

Tyson meeting Mav for the first time.  Mav just rolled over and let Tyson sniff and get to know him!

Mav found this little pink paci as soon as he walked in the door.  I just couldn't take it from him, so we let him play with it and take it home as a souvenir.  I am sure Uncle Layton isn't happy that I gave his only son a pink paci to play with! 

Mav LOVES Paisley

Mav hanging out in his cute carrier

Paisley unaware of what is right behind her...

Mav wanted to lay by Tyson whenever he was tired!

BEST Buddies forever!

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