Friday, July 8, 2011

The Dallas Zoo In June... not the smartest idea that Seth and I ever had!  Ha!  We had a free day last week, and decided WHY NOT go to the zoo?  I have wanted to take the kids all Spring, but we just got so busy with the new baby and school and work...and we just never got around to it.  So, now that we had a chance, we decided to go for it.  It was fun...and the girls had a blast! was so hot, I thought I might die!  I spent the entire visit pouring ice cold bottled water all over Paisley's head and body.  She loved it!  She just laid there all wet and feeling good and had so much fun during her first visit to the zoo!  We promised the girls that we would come back in the fall...when we can actually stay and see ALL the animals!

 Seth and the big girls

 This wagon saved us!  The girls would have NEVER made it walking around on their own.

 Paisley TOTALLY loved the gorilla watching had AC!  Praise the Lord!!!

 Here is P in her pink leopard print outfit chewing on Sophie the Giraffe.  I didn't plan her "zoo" themed attire, but it worked out quite nicely!

 Riding the elephants

 Seeing the elephants

 seeing the zebras

 Here is P and her bottled water that probably saved her life!  
And of course, Sophie...her BFF

 looking at ostriches


 looking at giraffes

 Jillian feeding the giraffes.  Both girls got to feed, but this lady wouldn't get out of my way, and I couldn't get any good pictures.

Side note:  Seth and I have figured out how the zoo stays in business.  Giraffe food.  They had a sign that said giraffe food for $5.  Seth said, "Sure, lets feed the giraffes!"  His $5 bought him 3 pieces of Romaine lettuce.  What a rip off!  Oh well...girls enjoyed it! 

 BEAUTIFUL animals!
The giraffes were all of our favorite animals that we saw that day.

 This is the best picture I could get of Jules feeding the giraffe.  That is about $1.67 worth of Romaine lettuce right there.

 We all LOVED the souvenir shop...also air conditioned!  
The girls each picked out a purse with an animal in it

 Cute P

Me and My girls melting

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The Mom said...

You all look beautiful and don't look like you are melting at all! But bless your heart for even trying to go to the zoo in this heat! Stay cool and enjoy those girls!