Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby P

I know I have said it before, but we are just in love with Paisley around here.  She is truly so very happy all the time.  Her only need besides food and clean diapers, is just someone to look and talk to her.  She then just smiles back and now is giggling so hard!  We are really all smitten over her and we cherish every second of this sweet baby.  Here are some things P is up to lately.

She LOVES her big sisters and watches them all the time

she plays with her toys on the ground

I am so into the leg warmers all of a sudden!  I have found that the ones from Target really stay on the smaller babies MUCH better than BabyLeggs!

Isn't that a cute booty and legs???

This right here is what I call a miracle! Neither of my other girls just feel asleep anywhere except their beds.  I always have heard of babies falling asleep in high chairs and in their toys!  Well, Paisley just played on this thing until she fell asleep!  


Tummy Time!

This is currently my VERY favorite picture of Paisley!  She doesn't even have a bow on and I don't even care!  I just love her smile and face here!


Paisley is finally big enough to play in her new exersaucer!

And she LOVES it!

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