Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day In The Life Of A Five Year Old

 When I was a little girl, my parents made a HUGE deal about my birthday.  My mom especially wanted our day to be so very special.  I remember one time waking up to a new outfit that she had sewn for me hanging on my door.  I have lots of good birthday memories!  And to this day, I think your birthday is such a big deal and the whole day should be one big celebration!  If I were president, I would give each American the day off on the would be a required holiday! Anyway,  each year on my girl's birthdays, I let them pick out everything that we do that day.  It is so fun, and I always capture the whole thing in pictures.  So, on Jillian's 5th birthday last week, here is exactly how we celebrated! 

 Good morning to my big 5 year old!

She is getting ready to open up her presents from her Daddy and Me, Jules, and Paisley.
 What did she get?

 A pink DS!  Just what she wanted!!!

 Jules got her the Pinkalicious game to go with her DS!

 Good choice Jules! Sisterly love!

 Jillian LOVES her new gift!

 She always chooses donuts for her birthday breakfast!

 Pink to be exact!

 Three sisters ready to party.
Jillian chose to wear her new birthday Heaven Sent outfit from Mimi.  Every birthday Mimi gets the girls 2 new outfits from our very favorite store! I decided to put all the girls in a Heaven Sent outfit!  
Jillian's is so precious!  It is dark denim and lace...very 80's Madonna...and SOOOOOOOO stinkin cute!

 Then we had lunch with Mimi, Aunt Summer, and the cousins!
Jillian chose Chipotle for her birthday lunch.

 We brought cookies and Mimi brought a cookie cake!  


 Jillian has been asking for over a year to get her ears pierced.  We always told her when she was five, then she could get them done.  The girl did not forget, so we went that afternoon!

 Hair pulled back and ready to go...

 We went to Ms. Sherri, who does the girl's hair.  Jillian is very familiar with Sherri and felt very comfortable.
Here is Sherri marking her ears...

 She did one ear, and then the second ear 2 seconds later.  Jillian didn't even flinch!  She was so brave and acted like it didn't hurt at all!  I was so nervous this whole day, and for nothing!  My big girl did great!

 Sherri and Jillian

 Pretty girl...looking so grown up!

 When we got home, we had  nice surprise delivery from Daddy!  The funny thing is that Seth and I make fun of all the Edible Arrangement commercials, because they are so dumb and cheesy!  But, this really is the prefect gift for Jillian.  She LOVES fruit!

 Yummy birthday surprise!

 She also LOVES sweets, so this was obviously the first thing she went for!

 Sharing with the sisters
Me and the birthday girl

 Jillian got invited to her cousin's house for a sleepover that night.  Here they are with their precious new puppy! (More on the puppy later!)

 These three are BFF's!

 Daddy stopped by on his way home from work to check out those ears!

 Birthday Pizza Party!  Isn't Summer brave to have all these girls sleeping under her roof???
After this, we left, so I am not quite sure how these girls ended their day being silly at the Dale house.  I do know that Jillian wouldn't want to end her birthday any other way!  
So now my girl is officially 5!  And my birthday season is officially over!  WHEW!  I am worn out!

New earrings...just waiting until we can change them.  Mimi bought the adorable ones on the right!  She brought them to the actual piercing...what a great Mimi!


Team Dale said...

HAPPY Birthday sweet Girl! Welcome to FIVE...she is adorable, love the Madonna dress...too cute on her. Love her hair pulled back in the pony tail about to get her ears is SOOOO long and pretty!! You truly know how to make a birthday special! LOVE LOVE LOVED the post!! (when she's president she can make it official for you...)

Summer said...

What a fun day. So glad we got to be a part of it with her. Happy Birthday Jilly!

amyswor said...
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Carley said...

Hi there! I used to follow your blog before I took a blogging break. Happy birthday to pretty Jillian and congratulations on your adorable baby girl (love her name)! I look forward to catching up with you.