Monday, June 6, 2011

Let the Summer Begin

Last weekend for Memorial Day we spent the whole weekend swimming at my parents house.  My kids love to swim and be in the water and we usually swim about 5 days out of 7 all summer long.  I have had all three of my babies in the water pretty much right after they are born.  They seem to all love it right from the start...which is a good thing living in Texas!  Gotta love the swimming pool to survive the 100+ degree heat here!  
Anyways, our weekend consisted of lots of food, family, and fun.  We swam all three days and just relaxed by the pool.  It was a great way to kick off our summer and we look forward to making many more memories this year!  There is nothing sweeter than a bunch of sun-kissed little girls running around outside!  

 Jillian and Jules...always start out their summers getting used to the water in the hot tub (which isn't hot)

 Baby P thinking about getting in

 Mimi and P

 Something about Jules in goggles and piggy tails just gets me all giddy.  She is so stinkin cute!

 I could just eat her up

 Jilly is my more sophisticated girl

 P did a lot of napping by the pool...

 same picture...different day...different suit

 Mimi has always been able to rock my babies to sleep outside

 day 2


 Jules is totally loving her birthday bike.  She could just pedal around the pool forever

 off she goes

 Pretty Jilly

 Dad, Seth and Mason played football in these chairs for hours...trying hard to balance.  They had a great time!

 biking around

 You can't celebrate summertime poolside without a little watermelon!

 Here is Aunt K...texting!

 Helping Mimi water her plants

 Papaw and Paisley

 Papaw loves his girls

 Here are the girls making smores...the city way on the grill!

 roasting marshmallows


 Jules before she got to the chocolate part of the smore...

 Jilly enjoying hers

 Jules after she got into the chocolate.  YUCK!  When will this child NOT be the messiest eater???

 Aunt K's boyfriend Mason with P after a much needed bath
(for P...not Mason)

 Papaw, P, and Mimi (with the ghost of Kourtney looming the background)

 Me and P

 sleeping again

 On Monday, the Dale girls joined us for some swimming

 Seth playing a little ball

 P falling asleep on her momma.  Her head is wet from the pool, not sweat.

 playing games

 Ansley teaching swimming school!

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The Sweet Life said...

These pictures make me miss my family...Memorial Day is always a fun family weekend.