Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paisley is 3 Months

 Paisley turned three months old last week.  She has truly turned into the VERY best baby EVER!  She is happy, smiles all the time, rarely cries, and sleeps so good!  She started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago.  When I say sleeping through the night, I mean she is sleeping from around 8:30 pm to almost 7:00 am every night.  Now I am not trying to brag about her by any means, because I have had NON-good babies in the past!  I have paid my dues!  But my #3 surely is a good girl!
She is a really good eater and eats a lot throughout the day.  With Jillian, I did Baby Wise, and I was so strict about her eating every three hours.  I was a little more easy going with Jules.  And with Paisley, I am just really trying to do what makes her happy.  I don't just shove a bottle into her mouth every time she cries, but I am also not trying to be a drill sargeant!  She eats smaller amounts more often in the day...and I think that routine is working great for us.  When we went in for her 2 month appt, she weighed 9 pounds and 10 ounces, so I imagine that she is up to maybe almost eleven pounds by now. 
 Paisley is also really enjoying some of her toys now.  She LOVES to lay under this one floor toy with all these hanging toys and a mirror.  She loves the mirror the most and just stares at herself.  Who can blame her...she is so cute! I just want to stare at her too! She also has this one baby doll that she gets so excited to see evertime I pull it out.  A few weeks ago, she would try so hard to move her arms to touch it, but couldn't quite get her arms to do what she wanted.  I noticed in church on Sunday though, that she was able to touch the doll...so I guess her motor skills (or whatever they are) are starting to mature!
And finally, she has started to loose her hair.  I thought she might loose it all over night like Jillian did.  So far, however, it just seems to be thinning out the dark stuff, and there is a lot of blonde underneath.  So, my girl is going to be a blondie like the rest of us.  I knew she would, but I certainly have enjoyed her pretty dark hair while it lasted!

Paisley at 3 months

For comparison:

 Jillian at 3 months

Jules at 3 months

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marcy said...

Are you sure the 3rd one (in SWEET BABY GIRL onesy) is Jules? It looks exactly like Paisley, only with the lighter hair!
I love you Paisley!