Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Field Trip to Central Park

The week before school got out, Jillian's class had a field trip to a local park.  My girls were really trying to understand the concept of a field trip...and I kept trying to explain it in a way that they would understand.  Jules finally said on our way there..."Are we at the field trip yet?"  All the kids had the greatest time and we were lucky to have the best overcast weather with no rain and no hot sun!  This worked out good for me since I had to wear Baby P and chase Jules all around.  Here is Jilly and her sweet friends.


I don't know what these two will do without eachother next year.  They have been inseparable for two years now!

silly girl!  She was DYING to wear this outfit because her American Girl has a matching one. 

Jules and her buddy Avery



This is Mr. Wilson...he works up at our school doing all sorts of stuff.  His son is in Jillian's class and they are good buddies.  Well, Jules LOVES Mr. Wilson!  She has to wave and talk to him every morning before school!  So funny!  She is shy with her own teachers, but will talk to Wilson anytime!

hanging out

Me and P...being such a good girl


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