Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

I had a great mother's day yesterday!  First of all, we went to church and Paisley actually let me sit through the whole service while she slept in my arms.  This was a gift all in itself!  I have spent the last few weeks in the cry room with a crying baby. I even got to take communion again after many weeks of missing out!  What a mother's day treat!  
After church, we went to Boca for a family-style Italian Mother's day lunch.  It was a great time!  The girls were good, the food was yummy, and we had a great time together as a family.  Summer and I (missing KK) got to celebrate what a WONDERFUL mother we have with our Mom!  We are so lucky to be so close with our mom and blessed for the great mother she has been to us and continues to be!  
 When we got home, the girls gave me their gifts.  Each girl picked out a gift certificate.  Jillian picked out Itunes and Jules picked out Subway!  What a treat...I love both of those places.  I also got a spa pedicure gift card to go along with it, which I am sure includes the keeping of all 3 girls so that I can go in peace!  Perhaps the best gift of all was the fact that Seth let me take a nap with the baby.  While I was sleeping, he vacuumed the whole downstairs and cleaned all of the wood floors.  He even threw in a couple loads of laundry too.  Then he took the girls to Lowe's so that Baby and I could sleep in peace!  It was wonderful!  When he returned, we watched the recorded Mavs game and watched them destroy the Lakers!  So much fun...GO MAVS!!!!

 Me and my three girls...who have the hardest time smiling when there is sun in their eyes!  

 still no good

here we are...the best we could get

My beautiful mom

The beautiful aunt...holding P

Mimi and the GRANDgirls

All of us girls

Summer, Mom, and Me

We missed being with CC today and I know the girls would have loved to be with both grandmas.  we will et to see her in just a few weeks though!

Happy Mothers Day!


The Sweet Life said...

That is a lot of girls. haha your poor dad. Happy late Mother's Day!

Team Dale said...

whats with Ansley in the GRoup photo...hilarious!! happy mothers day! You are a wonderful momma!!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

B, You look amazing!!! Keep up the good work. You rock. Oh, and love the rings!!!! :) Happy mother's day to all in the Allison family.

Love, Marty