Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Splash Day

The last week of school, Jillian's class had splash day.  J was so excited to wear a new bathing suit and get to play in the water with all of her friends.  The night before, she laid out her suit, cover up, and flip flops that she planned to wear.  Even her towel had to be picked out to match everything!  This girl is QUITE the fashionista people.  The weather again worked out great and the kids were really able to spend their last day together having a blast!  I wore P again in my Bjorn and thankfully Summer kept Jules for me so that I could try and help in some way. 

Ready to party

Pizza Party

Precious Class

And shes off...her and her two girl friends (and everyone else for that matter) ran from one thing to the other for the first ten minutes non-stop.  I don't think they even stopped to enjoy what they were doing!

waiting to slip and slide

little chilly!!!
(and it looks like we are loosing our top)
Here is Jillian in the pink pool.  There were 2 blue pools, 2 green pools, and a pink pool.  I watched Jillian the whole time knowing exactly what she was doing.  She never even touched the other pools...only the pink one.  Her friends would, but she always ended up here.  She never even said it out loud to me, but she didn't have to.  That is how Jillian rolls.

Good buddies!  Wish I had tightedned the suit a little earlier...oops!

they drew in shaving cream

LOTS of shaving cream

they washed cars

and of course got tattoos!

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