Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jules' Third Birthday Party

 Here is the birthday girl before school on the day we celebrated her birthday there.  She was so excited to wear this dress that Mimi got her.

This year Jules' birthday fell on Good Friday.  I planned her party for that Friday since I assumed most kids would have Easter Egg Hunts at church on that Saturday.  So, we decided to get a bounce house in our back yard and have it there.  I really DON'T know what I was thinking.  I really like to throw a good kids party with a lot of attention to detail.  Well, this year, I just couldn't pull it off!  Besides having a 4 year old, 3 year old, and an 8 week old to take care of...I had just had my whole house painted, a gate put into our backyard, and I am still doing a little work for our preschool.  I just was so busy the entire month of April that I really slacked in the party planning process.  I didn't even know what Jules was going to wear until the night before...and I usually plan the whole party around that detail!  
Anyways, the crazy outside party started off with us forgetting to turn our water sprinklers off the night before.  So, we woke up to a wet yard, wet play house, an wet chairs.   I also had our kiddie outdoor kitchen and grill set up with food to play with.  ALL WET!  Seth did wipe everything down, but the grass was so wet and muddy.  Then, the wind was so strong that my table of food had to be moved out of the line of fire and right into the walkway to the outside.  It ended up appearing to be one crazy mess!  But, the most important thing is that Jules had fun...and she sure did!  We had grilled hot dogs, cheetos, chips, watermelon, and grapes.  All of her favorites!  And then of course cake and ice cream too!  As wild and messy as the party seemed, I think the kids had fun.  I also hardly got any pictures since I was running around trying to make sure that all the mommies weren't mad at me for the muddy mess!  So, here are the few that I did get! 

 Jules eating birthday donuts on her 3rd birthday!

 The cute birthday girl before her party

 Ready to jump the day away!

 "I'm Three!!!!"

 Since I didn't take a picture of her party table, I included a picture of what her napkins and plates looked like.  She choose hearts!

 The castle bounce house

 the cake

 the party favors

Jules and Emmy

Jules eating with lots of her friends...ghetto style.  They are on a blanket on the driveway and using an old work boot to keep the wind from blowing them all away.  EMBARRASSING!!!

Jillian being goofy

Jules about to blow out her candles!  

Jules bouncing away

The girls doing a little pre-bounce before all the guests arrived just to make sure it was in good jumping shape.

silly birthday girl

Jules and her best friend Graham! They ran and hugged when they saw eachother.  I caught them later sneaking into the playroom to play with toys together!  They are so sweet!

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