Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

 We had a great father's day celebrating with Seth, My Dad, and Layton...who are all VERY good Daddy's!  We went to church, ate lunch together, and hung out at the pool.  The perfect father's day in Seth's opinion.  Seth was just starting to feel better from his pneumonia, and naturally the first thing he would want to do was swim!

 The girls loving on their Papaw

 Everyone trying out Papaw's new raft!

 My Dad and his girls (minus K)

 Me and My Dad

 Papaw and the girls

 Mimi and the girls

 Here are my girls giving their daddy his card that they picked out.

Seth and his 3 favorite ladies doing exactly what they all like best...swimming! 

Seth is such a great daddy to these girls.  They love him so much and are lucky to have him!  The older 2 are such daddy's girls and that is because he is just so good at what he does!  
(I'm trying my best to keep Paisley on my side...we shall see!) 

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Team Dale said...

So fun! Love seeing all 6 GIRLS all the time in a picture! Looks like a GREAT way to spend Father's day!!