Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Addison Comes To Play

Last week, Paisley had a friend over to play!  Her name is Addison, and she has the juiciest legs you will EVER see!  Addison's mommy is my friend Brooke and her Mimi is Ms.Cheryl from  Butterfly school!  We all met out for lunch, and then they all came over for some play time.  Brooke feels as strongly about bows as I do, and you will not find this precious girl without! She has big ones with feathers, bling, the works.  She is my kind of accessorizer!  When Addison caught a glimpse of Paisley, she was VERY excited and happy...her arms and legs were just flapping away!  So cute!!!  P even gave A a very excited smiley face in return!  Its like they knew they were the two cute babies in the room!   I am sure they will have many fun playdates in the future!

 Addison and Paisley getting to know eachother

 Addison took P's toy out for a spin!  Someone might as well use it...we aren't quite there yet.  Jillian just sat there playing with her forever!  Jillian is so motherly and sweet and she just adores babies.  She really liked entertaining Addison! I know Jillian is very excited for P to start playing back, I'm sure!

 All the girls in their Texas-sized bows!

 Look at those arms and legs! I just want to squeeze this one!

 While P was laying on the ground, Tyson started paying lots of attention to her.  He has yet to even acknowledge P since she came home from the hospital.  Seth and I think that he must be thinking that he can't believe we went and did this again and brought home another one of these loud kids! 

 P was really into Tyson too!  She kept grabbing his fur!

 Cute! If I can say one great thing about our T-bone, its that he is so soft and gentle with the babies. He always lets them pull his fur and tail, and he just sits there and takes it!

 she loves her doggy

And one last shot of Adorable Addison!  
Love her!  
Miss her!  
Can't wait to see her soon!


Nancy said...

With all that sugar and spice in the living room I think you might have gotten some cavities.. All those girls are so sweet.. and those legs..Nothing like a chubby baby..

Amy Mc. said...

Can I just say that I love that all of the pink - especially the exersaucer! We just don't have a lot of that around here. What cutes babies!

marcy said...

I think the Patterson Girls have met their match in the BOW department with Addison!!! She is such a happy baby.
Maybe one of these days these pictures will be in their graduation or wedding videos!!
Love them ALL....