Monday, June 20, 2011

Jillian's Swimming Party

 We decided to have another swimming party for Jillian this year.  That makes 5 swimming parties over her 5 years.    I am sure there will come a day..very soon...where Jillian will want to do something other than swim for her party.  Until that day, though, we will stick with what works.  The girls LOVE to swim and who doesn't love a swim party???  So, on Saturday, we celebrated Jillian turning 5 with another one...and I think it turned out great!

 the invitation

 Every year I find such joy in finding the matching bathing suits that will be worn at her party.  This year, I got to match 3!

 My bathing beauties

 the BIG 5 year old 
(well, as of this Wednesday!)

 Me and my girls

 The girls at the pool.  We got there early to start setting up and to reserve our spot!

 These girls just couldn't wait till the guests arrived...they had to get in!

 the plates and napkins

There really was not much to set up for this party. We ordered pizzas and brought a cake and that was it!  Thank goodness too, because it was so windy that we were having the hardest time trying to keep everything from blowing away!

Each kid got a noodle with their name on it

The wind was so bad that our cute favors were blowing away!  But, Seth to the rescue!  Thank goodness for Arkansas Razorback duct tape!  We had to be a little W.T., but at least the favors weren't blowing away!

 Seth even used it to tape our table cloth to the table!  HA!!!

 LOVE this picture!  
Baby P and her BFF, Whitney hanging out at the party!

 Poor Daddy...he has had pnemonia and strep throat for 7 days before the party!  He had literally been in bed until the morning of her party.  He came out and faked feeling good for her 2 hour party though.  Here he is being a trooper and sliding down the slide with Jules.


 This picture pretty much sums up how Jules acted for the whole party.  She was in a bad mood!  3 is VERY VERY hard on Jules!  We are looking forwards to 4 already! 

 4 out of 5 Brock boys

 Jillian and her buddy Travis from school

 And THIS giant purple slide is why we chose this pool for our party.  They girls love this thing and I knew all of the kids would have a blast sliding down it!

 Jillian and Macy

 Jules and Brady

 Eating pizza with friends!


 The yearly COSTCO cake!  Each birthday, I let the girls pick out their cake.  Here is what Jillian chose this year...because she loved the sun!

 Here is Jo holding Pasiley.  I think she gets one of my babies to sleep at all of the parties!

 sweet girl

 time for cake

 Jillian getting embarrassed when everyone is singing to her!

 And THIS is why she chose this cake...she wanted to eat the whole sun!  

 some mamas

 some boys

 opening presents = one happy girl

 Jules entertaining Paisley while Jilly opened her gifts.  This baby LOVES talking to her big sisters!

Jillian with Mimi and Papaw

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