Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Hair History

 Since Paisley was born, I have been asked numerous times about all of her dark hair.  Everyone sees that Seth, Me, Jillian, and Jules are all really blonde...and they can not figure out where here dark hair comes from.  (It is not the mail man...I promise!)  I have explained the hair situation so many times now, and I thought I would just walk you guys through the history of my babies hair and show proof of all the stages we have been through. 


 Here is Jillian at just a few days old.  As you can see, she was also born with lots of dark hair!  It was quite shocking at first since we were not expecting a dark headed baby to come from me.  But I loved all that hair! It made her look so girly and cute...and made her bows look extra sweet!

 Then at almost 4 months old, it ALL fell out.  ALL of it!  And it happened almost over night.  It was very strange seeing my dark headed baby go bald.  

But, not long after that, it started to grow in pretty quickly.  This time it was blonde. 

It continued to grow and grow, and  I got to do lots of fun hairstyles.

  And now, she wears it very long...which is her choice.  I have asked her to cut it, but she does not want to.  She wants it very long.  So for now, that is how we will keep it! 


 When Jules was born, I was expecting another brunette.  However, as you can see...she was just the opposite.  Jules was born with tons of bleach blonde hair.  My doctor and nurses were all shocked and said they had never seen a newborn with that much lite blonde hair before!

 Eventually though, it started to fall out too.  Thank goodness, though, she never lost it all.  It just thinned WAY out.

 It thinned out on both side, and she really just had a comb-over in the middle.  I would just pull the comb-over to one side and make it look like a hair-do as best that I could.

 Soon after, her hair started to grow back pretty quickly too.  Here was her first pony-tail/sprout on top of her head.

 Then the bangs started to come in...

 And finally, she had lots of hair come in...but it was all different lengths!  It had no style...and we had to fix that!

 So, I got her hair cut into a bob.  She has thick hair, and it works great in this style!  I love love love this child in her bob!

 And that is the style that Jules is still wearing today...and she wears it well.


 When Paisley was about to be born, we could not figure out which way she would go...brunette like Jillian or blonde like Jules.  I was really convinced she would come out looking like Jules...big blue eyes and lite blonde hair.  Obviously, I was wrong again.  She came out looking just like Jillian as a baby...dark hair and dark blue eyes.

 LOTS of dark hair!!!! 

 Good thing she looks JUST like her daddy!

 Sweet brunette!  I sure hoped she would keep that hair.  Then all my girls would have their own style and color!

 But, as you can see, P's hair has started to thin out and lighten.  I see her little hairs fall out all the time, but thankfully she didn't go bald over night!  

 It looks like she won't go bald is just thinning and slowly lightening up.  I can see LOTS of blonde underneath too.  It was only a matter of time in our family, I suppose!

 So now the question remains...will she look like Jillian or Jules?

My guess is Jillian.  I think they are going to look A LOT alike!  
 So now you know our hair story!  It has been quite an eventful journey!  HA HA HA!


lauren said...

Paisley is so adorable!!! You've got three beautiful girls! I can relate, because I have more people ask me where jack gets his blonde hair from, since Josh and I have very dark brown hair. A lot of the kids on my side of the family have blondish hair when toddlers that turns into brown hair, so I know he'll become a brunette eventually.

The Hoerman's said...

OK, I seriously started laughing out loud at the hair falling out! That is so funny! I mean Jillian.... that is awesome! But what beautiful hair comes back in! Play date soon please!!