Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jillian and the Pink Tree

The Tree

Jillian's Mimi like to buy all of the granddaughters a pink Christmas tree for their rooms. (Rumor has it that she has already bought a pink and a white tree for our new baby...we just have to find out if it is a boy or girl...) Jillian got her pink tree last year, but at six months old...she didn't really care. This year, however, is a different story. I put up Jillian's tree about 2 weeks ago...AND SHE LOVES IT!!! She gets so excited each time we plug in the lights...almost like she is seeing it for the first time! She has several ornaments from Mimi and a couple that I have bought her...but as you can imagine...they do not stay on the tree for long. Jillian's friend Adalie also has a pink tree, but she must do a much better job of leaving hers decorated...her mommy put a lot more things on her tree!!! Anyway, here are some pictures of Jillian and her first Christmas with her favorite pink Christmas Tree!

I had to post this because it is the first picture she has let me get of her face in a long time...and of course it is blurry! So sad!

Jillian kissing her tree...

And hugging her tree

This is Jillian starting her daily routine of de-ornamenting her tree
Here she is playing with a couple of the ornaments that she has pulled off of the tree

This is Jillian right in the middle of the temper tantrum she threw when I told her she couldn't rip all of the ornaments off of the tree. This would be the only other picture I got of her sweet face! Isn't it a good one?


Elizabeth Byerly said...

What a sweet little tradition for all the girls to have a pink tree! I love the last picture-it looks all too familiar!

Carol said...

What a cute tree! Will Mimi be able to find a blue tree for our next one??? Let's hope!

Mindy said...

okay first off the temper tantrum pic is classic. Still -the face is adorable. Second, I love the fact tat ya'll are having pink xmas trees. Maybe Elem can have his own little white one. Good idea B!

Kimberly said...

This post seriously made me laugh out loud! I LOVE Jillian's pink tree and love how much she loves it!! The pictures of her hugging and kissing it melt my heart! Having a little one sure does make Christmas magical for me again!