Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween With My Sweet Devil

Warning...this post has a lot of pictures!!!!

I just want to start out by saying that Jillian dressed up like a devil for Halloween this year. But I am calling her costume a sweet devil...because that is the intent of it...nothing ugly and devilish! I just thought it fit her personality because she is so spunky and fun! Also, my mom dressed me as a devil when I was a kid...and I thought it would be Jillian was a sweet devil for Halloween!
Last night was Jillian's first time to go trick or treating and actually get something out of it! Mimi, Papaw, and Aunt K came over to go out with us. The five of us and the sweet devil all headed out on a mission. Jillian was a little timid at first, but after that first house when she realized that she was going to get more candy to fill up her pumpkin...she was ready to get down to business. We headed down the street and hit up a lot of our neighbors. Well, by about the tenth house, Jillian had been sampling candy all night (THANKS TO AUNT K!!!!), and she threw up all over Daddy! Yeah! Right about this time, the Dales showed up for some pictures. Needless to say, Jillian had about had enough of the fun and was ready to head home. So after a small fit (right...) we headed home to check out the candy collection.

The front of the sweet devil

The back of the sweet devil

Jillian and Mommy

Practicing trick or treating from Aunt K

Here she to her first house

Hey this Halloween thing sure is a good idea!

Girl on a mission

Checking out some decorations...she would not let go of this sucker!

Sampling some of the goods

Trick or Treat..she really TRIED to say it...we have been working on it

Jillian and her friend Luke...who was a puppy, but Jillian kept Mooing when she saw him

Mimi, Jillian, and Papaw

Emerson, Mimi, Jillian, Papaw
Ansley, Macy

Stealing pumpkins off Aunt Summer's porch...or smashing pumpkins...can't tell which

Time to go is past this sweet devil's bedtime!

J checking out her stash

Jillian helping Daddy give candy to Trick or Treaters

Jillian sharing her sucker with Tyson


C said...

sooooooo cute! Aunt Carol hearts sweet devils!

Elizabeth Byerly said...

She's an adorable little "devil!" Glad that you guys had a fun halloween!

Mindy said...

hahahahah now that is good posting. Jilli looks so cute as a little devil. The one of seth and Jilliis priceless.