Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Patterson Version of The Griswald Family Christmas

Yesterday I went and had lunch with my mom and was gone all morning. When I came home, I went back to Jillian's room to get her ready for her nap. While I was in there, I heard a noise outside and ignored it. Then I heard it again, so we went to the guest room and looked out onto the front porch. Out on my porch were two workers that appeared to be putting up Christmas lights. Well, Seth and I didn't order any Christmas lights this year...we thought we would hold off on that untill our kids are actually asking to have that done! So, I go outside to correct their mistake, and my ENTIRE house is decorated. There are lights outlining the entire roof, the flower beds, and the sidewalk leading down to the street. There is also a HUGE lighted garland hanging around my doorway and a wreath hanging up on the tallest part of our house. I must say, it looked beautiful! But again...we never ordered this service. Neither of these guys spoke very good English, but I tried my best to explain that this was all wrong. I then asked them how much it would cost...just to see if it would be worth just paying for it...I mean, it did look good! The guy tells me $600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT???? Are they kidding, who pays that? I mean, it was really couldn't see any cords, it is all put to one timer, etc. But still? So, I told him that I couldn't do that. After a while, I look out the window, and I see the guys sitting outside devastated that they have worked for hours on my house...the wrong house, and I decide to make them an offer. I go outside and make a really low offer...and they take it! They did take down the wreath and the garland to use on the correct house...which turns out to be just across the street...oops! Anyway, I got a really great deal on my house getting decorated...and I keep the lights after they come and take them down in January! YEAH!!!! So, here is the picture of our house so beautifully decorated for Christmas!

This pictures is obviously not great and does not do it justice looks like no big deal. But in real life, it actually looks REALLY great!

Here is Jillian's reaction to the lights that she is seeing for the first time. She LOVES lights when we drive around...and really liked to see them up close and personal!

(BTW...we were just retuning from having Christmas pictures made...I don't just have her all dolled up for a party everyday or anything!)


Aunt Carol said...

OH WOW! Looks so great! You always did drive a hard bargain Mrs. Patterson....they really do look so weel done, I can't wait to see them in person! I can't wait to see the Christmas photo too, Jilly looks so good in red!
Love you!

Elizabeth Byerly said...

I bet it looks so GREAT in person! I love outside christmas lights! Now, I can't imagine paying 600 bucks for it though! I can't believe that every picture of Jillian, she has a bow in- Emery won't leave them! You lucky girl!

Mittig family said...

Did y'all go see Santa yesterday? Jillian looks great in red! I bet she is really loving those Christmas lights. We're kind of Griswalding up this year because my two year old is REALLY into the lights-just wait until next year! We should try to get together sometime after the holidays when everything is settling back down!

Mindy said...

oh my goodness! I think the patterson version of the Griswalds is just perfect! And whatever, you kow you dress her up everyday in her party dress. I dont think I have ever seen her without a gigantic bow! :) but thats what you should do with a little girl. She looks so cute!

The Brown Family said...

How cool is that! WOW! I bet it is really pretty. 600 bucks though is CRAZY! Maybe Heath and I should go into that kind of business! :) Jillian was so cute in your Thanksgiving pictures...I love the little shawl thing! (or whatever it's called!) How are you feeling? Haven't had any posts on how you are feeling and what the baby is doing. When do you find out what it is?