Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oooooooohhhhhh Christmas Tree

This year I am totally in the Christmas spirit...and I have Jillian to blame for that. I always love Christmas and everything that goes along with that, but this year, because Jillian is so ultimately happy about all things Christmas, I am too! Knowing that she would TOTALLY be into all the lights, I committed the ultimate sin of putting my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. Well, it was worth it, because EVERY SINGLE MORNING when I bring Jillian into the living room, she gets this huge look of surprise and happiness on her face as she sees the lights on the tree. She even gets mad if the tree isn't on, and will point at it and look at me and Seth as if to say...Hello, fire that baby up!
I decided to try and capture her face as I turned the tree on so that I could share her sheer happiness.
Oooooooh Aaaaaaah
I love the lights!!!!
Notice anything different about my tree this year? That is right, the ornaments start about 3 1/2 feet from the ground and go to the top of the tree. That is so that a certain toddler will keep her paws off of my ornaments! This hasn't completely stopped her, though. She moved a box up to the tree and stood on it to reach higher! I thought that was fairly smart for a baby!
This is Jillian's favorite ornament
This is my favorite ornament
And this is Seth's favorite
Here are our stocking...Seth, Me, J, baby, and Tyson the Pug
(We might have to do some rearranging so that if it is a baby pink stocking! We will figure that out as the time comes!)

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