Friday, December 21, 2007

Jillian at the Christmas Party

A girl in out neighborhood hosts a Christmas Party every year where you bring your kids and Santa is there and hands out one gift to each kid. There are cookies and lots of crazy kids running around everywhere! You also get your kid's picture taken with Santa. This was our first year to go and of course Seth had to work late (stupid end of the month) I was wrestling an 18 month old and trying to take pictures all by myself. Since we already did the picture with Santa, I didn't stay all night for another one. So, Jillian just got her gift and we opened it in the car on the way home! She was just as excited though about her new DVD...and so is Mom and Dad...we are hoping for a little variety in the car on our way to Arkansas!!!
None of the pictures turned out great...but I was just so excited about her outfit, that I had to post some pictures. Summer and I went shopping for Christmas clothes the other day and we got these great deals on some really nice Christmas outfits. The deals involved packing up the girls and driving to the gas station for a coupon out of the paper...but it was so worth it in the end. WE got GREAT deals! Here is Jillian in one of her cute and festive dresses.

Waiting patiently for Santa to call her name

Opening her gift on the way home

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