Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Congrats to Matt and Cristy

Aren't they cute???

Today, one of mine and Seth's best friends from Harding, MATTHEW GORDON LAWRENCE got engaged to his girlfriend, Cristy! They have been dating FOREVER and so we are so happy that Matt FINALLY popped the question! Cristy is so cool and fun and she fit right in with our college crowd from the first day that we met her! I just wanted to do a little tribute to our good friends...we are so glad they are joining the old married club! (Seth and I seemed to get here WAY before any of our other friends did.)

This is a picture of the ring that Matt sent me on my cell phone. The diamond is SO big...way to go Matthew!

Happy Birthday!


The Brown Family said...

Hey! I just now saw your blog about what you're having...CONGRATULATIONS! Lots more pink to come. I can't wait to see their matching outfits...I think that's so cute! So are you telling the name or is it a secret?
Heath said to tell Matt hey and congratulations!

Mindy said...

What???? wow I am so happy for Matt! Please pass my congratulations on to him and his girl. She is soo cute! I miss Matthew. We all need to get together and have like a weekend vacation or something with all our new families? What do you think?