Monday, December 17, 2007

The Miller Man

It was one year ago today that our first child, Miller, died. Seth got Miller for me for my 23rd birthday...right after we were married. We babied Miller and loved him like our child. He was the cutest puppy of all time and was such a good dog! We took him everywhere and even stopped going out at night because we didn't want to leave him!
Miller was so well behaved. He was not wild or too rambunctious...just such a sweetie. He was a big licker...and loved to lick our faces and ears all the time ( I know that sounds gross to non-dog lovers!!!). He was completely unaware of the fact that he was a dog. We got Tyson one year later so that Miller would have a companion...and Seth and I are sure that Miller thought Tyson was the family dog! We would take them to the park and Tyson would run free with the other dogs while Miller just sat beside me the whole time. It was as if he was annoyed by all the dogs everywhere!
After Jillian was born, Miller started having seisures. They just got worse and worse until finally there was nothing else we could do. On December 19th, 2006 Miller died...and I will say that was the worst day of my life. I cried and cried and couldn't get off the couch for almost two weeks. His death was the worst I have ever had to go through....I really thought that I would never get over it.
We still have nothing but sweet memories of our first born and have a hard time even looking at all these pictures below. I am sure that him and Jillian would have been great friends. He was always very interested in Jillian...the newest family pet in Miller's eyes!

The Miller Man

He just let me do whatever I wanted to him...and was happy about it

This is where Miller would hide in our new house after we got Tyson. Tyson couldn't get up the stairs and Miller knew it. This was his safe place.

My two boys...brothers

Miller laid out on the couch with Tyson sleeping on him

Pretty Pugs

This was the day before Miller died...their last picture together

Miller liked to try out all the baby equipment to make sure it was safe. We ALWAYS found him snoring in Jillian's papasan chair. Seth would even turn on the vibrations for him...what a baby!

Here is big brother Miller keeping watch over his little sister.

This was Miller's last day at home. He still was staying close to his sister even though he was very sick.


Aunt Carol said...

B this made me cry! I miss Miller man even though I didnt like him licking me, I complained about his breath and a certian body part he always had exposed...but I really do miss him. I hope you're reliving the good times you had with him, he was a great dog. Love you.

Summer said...

I really am sad Miller is gone. What a sweet entry. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Oh no! So sad. :o(

Mindy said...

uhm yeah talk about tears!!! Gosh I didnt even know Miller, but I miss him too. So sweet and I am sure Tysen misses him.

Mindy said...

uhm yeah talk about tears!!! Gosh I didnt even know Miller, but I miss him too. So sweet and I am sure Tysen misses him.