Monday, December 3, 2007

Baby #2...its about time we heard some news

I started this blog to keep our out of town family and friends up to date on Jillian on a regular basis...and so that is pretty much what every single blog I do is about. There is really nothing THAT interesting to hear about me and Seth each day...he goes to work...I go to Target...and there you have it.

Well, there is a new baby coming soon, so I thought I would give that kid a little air time for a change. I am 19 weeks and counting and we go to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon to find out if we are having a boy or girl. I have been thinking boy ever since I posted about the intellegender test I took in October. At this point, I really will be equally pleased with either! I have spent the last two months thinking about how sweet and loving a boy would be...a real momma's boy. But I also love girls and bows and dresses...and have so many clothes already for a girl. So, either way at this point, we will be happy! Wednesday is the big day, though, where we will find out for sure...hopefully. I have had two friends lately who haven't been able to find out due to uncooperative babies...but I am hoping that baby #2 will show me the goods!

This is such an exciting visit but also a little nerve racking since we will be making sure that everything is in place and all the right parts are there. Summer found out about Macy's heart issues when she was 20 weeks, and so of course that makes me a little nervous. But, after Wednesday, we should know for sure that all is well and what we are expecting. Then I can FINALLY start on the nursery...I know Seth is so excited about this happening again...NOT!

I will try and get my ultrasound pictures scanned and the news out on wish us luck!

And for those grandparents out there who need their daily fix of Miss J...

(sorry baby #2...I am also a second child and you just get used to sharing the spot light!)

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Carolyn said...

I cannot WAIT for the report on tomorrow!!!!