Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to Macy!

Today Macy is turning 4 years old! I definitely remember the day she was born, as we were all scared of what was to come with Macy. Here she is four years later and the most energetic, crazy, and fun child that I know! Macy also had her birthday party this past weekend. It was a Tutu party and all the little girls dressed up in tutus! Jillian and Macy have a very special relationship because they love each other like sisters. With that, I mean that they love each other when they first see each other, but then they usually fight, scream, steal toys, push, etc. etc.! It does always end in a kiss! My family always gets a good laugh out of watching these two interact! They do love each other and we know they will grow up to be great friends one day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACY!!!!! We love you!

Jillian and Macy ready in all their pink and tutu business

Jillian ready to party...again!

Jillian playing in the bounce house with Daddy
For some reason, we didn't get very many pictures of Macy's party, but I included this one below because it is one of my all time favorites! Jillian is about one week old here and she was asleep in my room. We found Macy in there peeking over the edge and staring at the baby! It was so sweet!

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Carolyn said...

Macy loves her Aunt Carol!!! And i love Jilly's babylegs...how many pair do you have?
love you!