Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Road Trip and Papaw's Surgery

Last week my grandfather had knee replacement surgery and Jillian and I decided to go to Louisiana and visit and be there for the surgery. This was my first time to go out of town in the car without Seth. This may sound like no big deal...but Jillian really hates the car and won't sleep in the car...and I knew it would NOT be fun and hard to keep her entertained. So, Kourtney rode with us and we followed my parents. Besides the car ride being NO FUN AT ALL, we had a really good time visiting with my grandparents and other family members...and we were so glad we got to be there for Papaw during his surgery. The three day trip turned out to be very eventful with losing keys, Kourtney getting sick, and Jillian waking up in the middle of the night to throw up! We still had a good time and I would say that our first trip without Daddy was a success!

Jillian and Great Papaw before his surgery

Jillian and Great Memaw
Mimi, Jillian, and Papaw
Jillian trying to entertain herself during the surgery
This tired baby is begging for a nap!
Still trying to find something to do!
Jillian's favorite part of being at Papaw and Memaw's house was playing with all of the pictures that are everywhere there! She would pick up the frames and carry them all around the house and talk to them. Her favorite was Mine and Seth's Christmas Card picture from the first year we got married! She LOVED the picture and kept going back to it...so funny!


Mindy said...

wow! so glad to see that it was a success! I can only imagine the car ride. You of all people could make it fun I am sure! Jilly is getting cuter and cuter every single day!

Mindy said...

one more thing-Go Hogs! Glad to see Jilly supportin those hogs even in this great time of need! :)

Kimberly said...

Absolutely precious! What kind of baby doll does she have...it looks so sweet!
I'm anxious to see Jillian's pink tree. I wish we lived closer so Adalie & Jillian could play together since they have so much in common! Aren't girly girl things/clothes/toys/trees so much fun!