Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a really nice and uneventful Thanksgiving weekend. The best part about it was having Seth here for four whole days to play with me and Jillian. On Thursday, we had Thanksgiving lunch over at my parent's house. I totally forgot to take ANY pictures of everyone there...I suck! Of course, I did get some of Jillian...but what was I thinking? Anyway, after lunch, we all watched the Cowboys win AGAIN and watched Jillian be her wild self. She did get some quality time in with Mimi on the piano...see picture below!
On Friday, we went on a nice FREEZING walk at our favorite park. Seth and I had no idea it was only 38 degrees until we got there...but luckily I had bundled J up and had a blanket in my car. Jillian was totally freaked out about Seth in his stocking cap, and she would not smile or move the entire 45 minute walk! This is the most still she has been since the womb!
Friday afternoon/evening/night we watched ANOTHER Arkansas football game marathon as the Hogs went into three overtimes to beat LSU! YEAH...go Hogs. I haven't seen Seth on such an emotional roller coaster since college when the Razorbacks did this to us several other times! Jillian almost starved to death as her dinner kept getting pushed off later and later! She was not very understanding even though her Daddy has taught her to call the Hogs. A 17 month old will only be happy about calling the Hogs so many times before she is ready to move on.
The rest of the weekend we just spent as a family trying to stay entertained and out of the cold rain. We really enjoyed our time together and I always get sad when these long weekends are over and Seth has to go back to work!
Here are just a few random pictures of our weekend. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with their families.

Jillian on Thanksgiving Day

Eating her Thanksgiving Feast

Running and acting CRAZY outside with cousin Ansley

Calling the Hogs with Daddy

Playing a Duet with Mimi

My Bundled Baby

Jilly and Mommy

I just love her pink nose in this one

This is One Happy Hog Fan...This is also how Seth spent the entire game...on the phone with about ten different people talking about how McFadden is the greatest football player of all time...or something like that.


Aunt Carol said...

I absolutely LOVE these pictures B!! First of all that pink crochet shawl she is wearing is adorable, the hog calling picture is insanely funny, you look so great in that picture with her and you're right, I have never seen that child look more docile...she must have been spooked by Seth's cap!! So cute, I missed you guys on Thanksgiving!!
Love you so much!

Mindy said...

thats because he IS the greatest player ever to put on a dang HOG jersey. That is exactly how we spent the entire game too! :) Fabulous! And the one with her little pink nose is so sweet. She has like a perfect little face. You know?

Kimberly said...

Looks like Jillian had a great thanksgiving! I'm sorta jealous that Jillian can already call the hogs. Every time Adam tries to teach Adalie it scares her and she ends up in tears. I think I'll have to work on that for him because that would be a great easy gift that would top them all for xmas if she could do that!
ps-I love Jillian's little sweater poncho!

Elizabeth Byerly said...

Has anyone ever told you that Seth could kind of look like Kenny Chesney??? I could be way off and it could just be that pic! When do you find out the sex of the baby? I'm dying to know if that test you did is accurate!

Brittney said...

Hey Elizabeth...never heard that about Kenny Chesney...i'll have to tell Seth! He will get a kick out of it. I go to my doctor on Dec 5th to find out the sex...soooooo CAN NOT WAIT!