Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving in Arkansas

 Thanksgiving was almost 2 weeks ago, and as usual I am slow to getting pictures to the blog.  We spent 6 days away from home and up in Arkansas for a long trip with Seth's family.  CC had lots of activities planned for the girls since it was mostly cold outside that week. We went to Chuck E. Cheese, Eureka Springs, and several other places to keep my busy two girls entertained.  Our Thanksgiving day was spent at Aunt Lynn's house...where there is more than plenty to do.  She has horses, donkeys, miniature horses, gambling, food....etc., etc. The girls had a blast getting tons of attention from all of the adults.  I don't know what they will do if there are ever any other children around to compete with!   Here are some pictures of our COLD Arkansas Thanksgiving!

 B-Pa, CC, and the girls....cheering the Hogs to victory over LSU!!!!

 Jillian eating her Thanksgiving dessert

 Jules' Thanksgiving meal consisted of pickles, strawberry jello, and this chocolate cake

 The girls being Thankful for cake

 CC and Jillian

 B-Pa playing with the girls

 Here is the crew feeding Aunt Lynn and Uncle Tommy's animals

 There is a really good A$$ joke here about Seth and these donkeys...but I can't quite come up with that perfect zinger.  Just know I was thinking about it.

 My little girls

 Uncle Caleb and Jillian

 Aunt Lynn helping the girls feed the horse

 Look at that adorable miniature horse.  They were supposed to get to ride but it was snowing/sleeting and SOOOO cold that day!
 Running in from the cold!

 Here is Jillian playing the slots!!!  

Jules learning to gamble.  Seth wants the girls to learn at an early age.  Nice.  

We had a really fun week in Arkansas seeing all of the Arkansas family!  We are now home and back to life...which for me means counting down the days till our baby arrives.  I have a name too...and I will post it later this week!


marcy said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.
Isn't there some govt. agency on gambling for 2 & 4 year olds I should report this to? (it would probably just make them wear a helmet while they gamble) LOL!
Cathy, I always think Seth looks like Buddy but in that first picture of the 4 of you, he looks just like you.

Marty Rhea Hill said...

B, How exciting. Love the post!!! I am so excited about knowing the name.....given that I don't even know what you are having. I am so excited for you and Seth.

Waiting patiently by your blog,

Team Dale said...

Ahh love this! Bring those Donkey's down to play with my Penny!!! Love the girls and all the attention they are getting...Love their meals for the day! Looks like a wonderful Turkey Day...can't wait for the name (let the monogramming BEGIN)

Mindy said...

looks like so much fun! Yes it was pretty chilly here around that time! The fact that Seth's family actually HAVE donkeys-is insane. I love it. Post soon I am dying to know the name of your next little one! I know it will be a good one!