Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

 Last Thursday at school, the girls had their Thanksgiving feasts.  Jillian's was at 9:00 am, my class' was at 11:00 am and Jules' was at 11:45 am. I feel like I was running around our school like a mad woman hitting up every feast available to grab pictures and sit with my little ones.  The girls had a great time and I was so happy to share that fun time with them.  Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving celebrations!

My girls before school.  This was the best shot I got because it was really windy that day!

Jillian's whole Pre-K made a cookbook for the parents.  

Jillian and her Best Buddy Ella.  These two can't do anything at school without eachother!

Jillian and her WONDERFUL teacher, Ms. Beth

Jillian and her friends at school
Ella, Jillian, Joshua (the ladies man), and Maci

I am not sure the Pilgrims and Indians feasted on chocolate-covered donuts and fruit loops...but that is some of what our girls chose to dine on that morning.

Jillian and me...looking quite fit at 6 months pregnant. NOT!!!

Jules at her feast!  
Again, not sure how authentic the Capri sun is to the Thanksgiving feast...but this girl had 2!

Jules and her very favorite teacher Ms. Nancy!  
Her other favorite, Ms. Holly was home with a sick kiddo.

Jules and her buddies, Benjamin and Drew. 
The girl has lots of boy friends.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

This is truly Jules' boyfriend, Drew.  She talks about Drew all the time!!!  Ms. Nancy even told me that Drew and Jules hold hands during circle time!  I think that is hilarious.  Jules even pointed out Drew's backpack to me at Target the other day!  I think she has her first crush!

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! 


Jessica said...

So cute! I LOVE their big bows! I had a friend once tell me she saw a onsie that said "The bigger the bow, the better the Mama!" & that she was going to get it for me! Hahaha!

Allison said...

Love that LONG Sweaters are in fashion with this pregnancy...I can't seem to find enough FABRIC on the clothing that I purchase...I feel it helps as the bump grows bigger on my back, butt, waist, and arms...Ahh to be the type that just grows a bump on her tummy...maybe with my 4th girl?? (sorry about that, as always your girls are ADORABLE!) I love them so! Happy turkey day!! Enjoy all the Food I know I am, will.