Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween at the World Series!!!

This year on Halloween, we were lucky enough to get to go sit in a suite at The Ballpark in Arlington and watch The Texas Rangers play in The World Series.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!!)  We had pumped the girls up about trick or treating at the game and getting to wear their costumes.  They were both so excited about going even though I am pretty sure they didn't know what was going on.  
The sad part is that Jules had gotten the flu on Thursday before the game on Sunday.  We were not sure if she was going to get to go or not.  But, my doctor told me she would be just fine by Sunday and my parents insisted that we all go since she would have been on meds for 4 days.  So, since she didn't run a fever on Sunday, we decided to take her.  I tell you all this to explain WHY she looks so bad in these pictures.  Poor girl is so pale and has big eyes, that you can just see that she isn't her usual self.  

Anyways...onto Halloween pictures!!!

My little bunny and Minnie Mouse
(Jillian TOTALLY picked her costume because it was the girliest and frilliest!!!)

Cute girls...front

Cute girls...back

Bunny front

Bunny back

MM back

MM front...doesn't she look sad in the eyes

All the girls at Mimi's
Minnie Mouse, Witch, Strawberry Shortcake, Bunny, Supergirl

At the game!  So exciting!!! 

 Trying to get a good pic of the girls...but the sun was still up and bright!!!

Seth and I at the World Series!!!

My girls watching all the action.  Jules kept calling them Razorbacks or Rangers...she got confused!

Our sad attempt at a family shot

There was very little trick of treating at the ballpark like we had hoped.  Luckily, Summer and Mimi both brought candy and the girls just kept trick or treating with them!

 They got more candy from Mimi than they would have anyways!!!

My bunny at the baseball game

Cousin Ansley made lots of signs for everyone to hold.  Here are the girls cheering on the home team!

Minnie Mouse was very camera shy!  

Nothing like a beautiful baseball field!

The girls having so much fun!
Here is the best shot of MM and the field. She just doesn't look good poor girl!

Best Friends Forever

Aunt K and Mason

Proud to be a Texan!!!!

Jillian and Emerson pretending to be asleep.  Emmy sucks her fingers and here is Jillian trying to suck hers too...only she couldn't really figure it out.

This would have been cute if it weren't blurry!

This was so amazing to watch in real life!  Makes you proud to be an American!  We got to see George W. Bush and George H. Bush come out on the field while W. threw out the first pitch to Nolan Ryan!  It was fantastic!  Everyone in Texas LOVES the Bush families!!!  

I am really sad to say that my camera battery died right before the game started!  Stupid camera.  I have no pictures of my parents which sucks since they took us to this game and treated us to such a fun time!  Thank you Mom and Dad!  We will always cherish our memories of the World Series!!!

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Mindy said...

how fun!!!! What a super cool experience. I know the girls will be so proud that their super cool parents took them to the World Series one day when they look back. :)

**I wont comment on the George Bush comment, to ensure we can remain BFF. :)