Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pink Tree Christmas!!!

 Every year, my mom comes over to help the girls decorate their very own pink Christmas trees in their bedrooms.  She buys each granddaughter a tree, and then always gets ornaments for that tree and helps them set them up.  Well, Papaw decided to come this year and the 2 of them helped make our girls SOOOOOO very happy by getting those trees put up!  Here are Mimi, Papaw, and my girls in action!

 Jules and Papaw

 Mimi and Jules

Papaw and Jillian

 Mimi and Jillian

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1 comment:

Mindy said...

I always love your pink christmas tree posts. :) They make me smile. Love that your parents do that with the kids. I know your dad was pumped to get in on the action. I am sure he was holding out for a special blue christmas tree/ grandfather/grandson episode, but finally has called it quits on waiting for that too happen! ;)

Super cute!